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Introduction to Logical Reasoning (in Hindi)
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All Reasoning is Thinking, but not all Thinking is Reasoning. By nature humans are endowed with powers of reasoning. LOGIC is the study of the uses of those powers.

Mansi Rana
Pursuing graduation in Philosophy (major)and Psychology(minor) from Daulat Ram College ,Delhi University.

Unacademy user
content is okay but, explanation is not much good, it appears that you are just reading the article. 👍
Mansi Rana
5 months ago
Thankyou for your comment Akansh but logic is not an article rather it is technical . Moreover these are the basic elements or introduction to logic that you wouldn't find in any book or google. These are my notes (not any article) and most of them are self explanatory , also wherever explanation is needed i have given my best ! :)
But this woman is greatest of all amazing philosopher
Can surely say this is the best explanation one can get for logic. Must watch !
Mansi Rana
a year ago
Means a lot ! shatakshi :)
Concepts explained in a really simplified and easy to grasp manner!
Mansi Rana
a year ago
Thankyou so much :)
This is the best tutorial one can get! Was really helpful!!
Mansi Rana
a year ago
Thankyou Aaniya :)
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