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Introduction to IIT-JEE Circles (in Hindi)
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This lesson introduces the concepts of circles for JEE Main and Advanced

Vineet Loomba is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vineet Loomba
IITian | No. 1 Educator in IIT-JEE | 6 Million Minutes Watch Time | 8+ Years Experience | Youtube: Maths Wallah |

Unacademy user
sir this course is complete?
Vineet Loomba
3 months ago
Madhur Shinde
3 months ago
thanks sir
sir plzzz make most expected qus video plzzzz sir
Vineet Loomba
7 months ago
Its already made ..available on my profile
sir intercept ko half kyu Kiya?
Vineet Loomba
9 months ago
Kaunse ques mein
air in case of circle touching x or y axis the y value on x axis will be zero and x value in y axis is zero but in equation u didnot put that so can u clear that doubt why we should not put ????
Vineet Loomba
a year ago
circle just touches.... centre of the circle is not on y axis or x axis we cannot put
Nitin patil
a year ago
thank u sir
thanks for sir for making parabola video sir please also make Ellipsie notes also please sir please please please please please
Vineet Loomba
2 years ago
okay sure
sir do fast
if that is possible so make Ellipsie notes tomorrow
in your YouTube video of ellispe is half
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