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Introduction to Idioms
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Introduction to Idioms

Rima Gurung
MA English. Worked as a Voice and Accent Trainer in an MNC for 3.5 years. Very passionate about teaching.

Unacademy user
sir 13 aur 14 groups par video banaiye please
  1. DIOMS

  2. ABOUT ME: Masters in English. Voice and Accent trainer. Educator at Unacademy. Passionate about teaching. A lover of words. Rate. Review and Share Follow me on Unacademy.

  3. Course Overview . Understand the meanings of various Idioms used in day to day communication.

  4. What's in it ton Enhance your Spoken English and help in effective communication, both verbal and written. Help solve competitive and bank exams.

  5. What are ldioms? Examples An idiom is a group of words which mean something different from its literal meaning It's raining cats and dogs outside Meaning: It's raining very hard outside 6 How time flies OMeaning: Time has gone by quickiy

  6. Common Exainoles oldioms She got up on the wrong side of the bed She's in a bad mood.) She spilled the beans. (She revealed a secret.) You're pulling my leg! (You're joking!)

  7. on Examples idionms omm USEFUL IDIOMS To smell a rat To sense something is wrong I smell a rat. I dont think he's telling the truth Break a leg To wish someone good luck anny's family him to "break a leg" right before he went up on stage Burn the midnight oil To work late night I have a big exam tomorrow so I'll be burning the dnight oil ton To chicken out To back out because of fear Unfortunately many people chicken out at the last moment.

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