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Introduction to Functions (for IIT JEE Mains and Advance) by MC Sir (in Hindi)
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Introduction to chapter Functions by MC sir

Manoj Chauhan is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Manoj Chauhan
Maths faculty for IIT JEE (Main and Advance), Maths Specialist for Calculus, Ex Senior faculty Vibrant Academy,Top notch online faculty

Unacademy user
Ma'am, does this course cover the entire 10th unit ??
Thank you sir.. it is a very good course.
yesss sir i have your etoos video also. you're legend thanks a lot
Manoj Chauhan
5 months ago
Welcome, please share with your family and friends my videos on unacademy platform
Abhijit Sarangi
4 months ago
pls send the sirs video
Thank u sir for helping us in our journey....
Thanks for everything sir
  1. FUNCTIONS By MANOJ CHAUHAN SIR (IIT-D) Ex Sr Faculty Bansal Classes Ex Sr Faculty Etoos Academy Ex Sr Faculty Vibrant Academy

  2. Student Purpose Revise Learrn Maintain notes Pause video

  3. Important features of my lectures / More than one approach to solve / From easiest to toughest course plan

  4. Testimonials "After taking MC Sir's classes Maths has become m best subiect. He is incomparable. M y comfort level with Maths has increased since started taking MC Sirs classes. "Maths was a subjeet, which gave me nightmares. But since started taking MC Sir's lectures, have become very comfortable with the subjeot." If anyone wants to lea Maths in a smart and way they should learn it trom MC Sir." MC Sir teaches with such apt examples, which make me understand any difficult concept with ease."

  5. Selection in 11T 2012 AIR-24 Suraj Sanjay Jog many more

  6. Contents Need to know before starting and mini 2. Functions basics (08 days) 4. Graph/ Problems based on graphs 5. Advance level problems, previous year calculus (learning target 2-3 days) Functions mains level(08 days) (05 days) questions ( 03 days) 3.

  7. All concepts will be thoroughly discussed. notifications Review the course, good reviews 2. Click on the Enroll button to receive encourage me to make more such videos. 4. You can ask doubts in the comment section