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Introduction to Family Law
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Introduction to Family Law

Nitin Gaurav Srivastava is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Nitin Gaurav Srivastava
NLUite, Lawyer, Blogger, Director, Freelance Writer, Editor, Content Creator, Educator.

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19 onn thettippoyi indira sagar dam
sir please make a video of origin of Hindu law and related case law
Is this helpful for judiciary
Of course. It will cover almost all topics so Judicial aspirants will find it helpful.
Rishabh Aggarwal
2 months ago
Sir please make videos on CPC
sir plz complete he series
nice sir its v helpful for every students of whos preparation for nta net🙏🙏

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  3. UGC NET SYLLABUS UNIT-VII: FAMILY LAW 2. Marriage and dissolution of marriage . 1. Sources and schools . 3. Matrimonial remedies Divorce and theories of divorce 4. Changing dimensions of institution of marriage - Live-in relationship 5. Recognition of foreign decrees in India on marriage and divorce 6. Maintenance, dower and Stridhan . 7. Adoption, guardianship and acknowledgement 8. Succession and inheritance 9. Will, gift and wakf 7 . 10. Uniform Civil Code

  4. HINDU LAW . Hindu law has the most ancient pedigree of any known systems of Jurisprudence. However it is not law as understood in modern times. Hindu law is "what is followed by those learned in Vedas, and what is approved by the conscience of the virtuous who are exempt from hatred and inordinate affection (Manusmriti). Thus it was a branch of Dharma. Hindu law was a mixture of religion and legal philosophy. . Hindu law has been described by an English author as "A mere phantom of the brain, imagined . Mayne defined Hindu law as " The Law of Smritis as expounded in the Sanskrit commentaries . Today However a very large portion of Hindu law has been codified. by Sanskritists without law, and lawyers without Sanskrit" and digests which, as modified and supplemented by custom, is administered by the court" 7

  5. Sources of Hindu Law COMING UFP NEXT iitiiiITI