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Introduction to Data Interpretation (in Hindi)
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This lesson is about the introduction of Data Interpretation.

Aashish Arora is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Aashish Arora
Quantative Aptitude Faculty | 6 Years Exp. | Cleared SSC & IBPS Exams | Got FULL marks in Quant 4 times | Top Educator |

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  1. Daily 2 Data Interpretation Sets for All One Day Examinations. By Aashish Arora Educator Unacademy

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  3. Target CAT COMMON ADMISSION TEST Institute of Banking sPs Personnel Selection IBPS IA ASSURA SBI National Insurance UNITED INDIA INSURANCE CO LTD Registered & Head Office: 24. Whites Road, Chennai-600 014

  4. What is Data Interpretation Understanding numerical data that has been Bank Distribution of House Loans for the year collected, analysed and presented. Types: 1) Table DI 2) Bar Graph DI 3) Line Graph DI 4) Pie Chart DI 5) Caselet DI (Venn Diagram 6) Radar Graph DI 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 20 24 42 A 36 70 65 B 24 2430 42 34 59 C 2528 25 19 18 35 D 28 22 22 28 44 48 E 1618 28 38 41 32 Number of car sale in outlet X in successive months j anuary-february march apni may june Number of students (in thousands) in two different universities in six different years Number Of students 2007 0 25 201 2008 2011 010

  5. Tools to solve DI . Ratio e Percentage . Average . Calculation Techniques e Approximation Observation Skills e Comprehension IlS

  6. Points to Remember . Read the question carefully. Analyse the data. . Do not worry about too much data . Skip the question that needs to much calculations . Avoid unnecessary calculations . Be careful about units. . Approximate as much as possible. e Don't assume anything. . Focus only on useful data.

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