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Introduction to circuits
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Introduction to circuit elements, Intial steps to solve

Deependra Singh Naruka
#BTech (Mechanical) # Senior Faculty of Physics #Kota (Rajasthan) #Ex Bansal classes faculty #Ex Narayana IIT academy Faculty # I am teachin

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Ans 1 & 2 is correct as:- A member would incur a disqualification (a) when he “voluntarily gives up his membership of a party” (b) when he/she votes (or abstains from voting) contrary to the directive issued by the part
Sir..bhutt aacha h lecture...

  2. Deependra singh Naruka 6 culty Years Experienced fa with INDIA's BEST BRANDS for . IIT JEE Provides Innovative and conceptual content to understand Physics Mentor of AIR 212 in JEE Adva

  3. Circuit elements symbols & there meaning Voltage Source Resistor Switch Switch open Switch close

  4. Kirchhoff's Junction Law: It is Law of Conservation charge. Total sum of Current into a Node point is equal to total sum of current Out the Node As an example, consider figure below: Figure : Kirchhoff's junction rule. 13 According to the junction rule, the three currents are related by

  5. Kirchhoff's Loop Law: It is Law of Conservation Energy. Total sum of voltage drop across any circuit is zero cdosed loop travel direction travel direction higher V lower V lower V higher V dl CL travel dircction travel direction higher Vhigher V lower V lower V CI

  6. Dc Cseunce) v

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