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Introduction to Bearings
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Here I describe the basics of bearing with its principle and functions

Karthik Balaji Keshavamurthi
Final year B. E Mechanical Engineering student about to pursue MS in the USA, vocalist, chess player

Unacademy user
hello sir... your teaching techniques is very excellent .. so different from others... keep it up sir👍 Pls make the next lessons...
  1. BEARINGS An Overview Presentation by: Karthik Balaji Keshavamurthi

  2. What is a Bearing? . A machine component - Found in areas of relative motion Enables frictionless rotation of a shaft about a hole

  3. Functions Minimum Friction in rotation - Support for the shafts. Transmits forces from shaft to the housing Used to connect a rotary part to a stationary part.

  4. TYPES OF BEARINGS Plain Bearings or Journal Bearings (uses sliding friction) Load Load Load High-Pressure Area Shaft at Rest) High-Pressure Area (Shaft Starting to Rotate) High-Pressure Area (Shat at Full Speed Rolling Contact Bearing (Reduces rolling friction)

  5. Applications of Journal Bearing Crankshaft Bearings - Centrifugal Pumps .Electric Motors -Steam and Gas Turbines Rod Journals Main Journals Rope Conveyors

  6. Applications of Roller bearings . Machine Tool Spindles Automobile Axles - Gear Boxes -Crane Hooks

  7. Upcoming Topic:s Types of Roller bearings Load Life Relationship . Selection of Roller Bearings Sliding Contact Bearings . Sample Gate Questions