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Introduction to Aptitude
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Intoduction on aptitude

Randeep sandhu
I'm a UPSC aspirant, teacher, counselor and a motivational speaker.working with aspirants to overcome their emotional& psychological probs.

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  1. Aptitude and Foundational Values for Civil Services UPSC-GS IV Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude INTEGRITY Civil services values What is Aptitude Importance of aptitude

  2. Integrity Empathy Impartiality Objectivity Non partisanship Tolerance Dedication to public service Compassion towards weaker sections OLERAN

  3. Civil Services Values can be divided into two types Means Oriented values End Oriented values

  4. End Oriented Values are concerned with the goals which civil servants should aim to achieve For example: providing subsidized electricity to farmers fulfills the values of socio economic development Major source of End Values is the constitution itself

  5. LOE TRUUTH Means oriented values PEACE The ways adopted to achieve the goal are concerned with the ways in which civil servants behave or act while performing their duties For example: I want to provide low cost energy? Which means should adopt? solar energy is given preference over conventional source of energy

  6. Gandhian Values Political Justice Organize village panchayats Adult suffrage Promote cottage industries Right to vote Prohibiting slaughter of cows Right to contest the election

  7. What is Aptitude? Not knowledge or understanding Aptitude is inborn, innate potential It is the innate ability of an individual to acquire a certain skill in the future through appropriate training Aptitude can be both mental and physical

  8. Examples of Aptitude Quantitative Aptitude Verbal Aptitude Reasoning &8 Aptitude Reasoning Aptitude Finger dexterity

  9. Civil services aptitude Means to have the ability to perform one's duty on the basis of logic and reason Interpersonal skills Acumen to solve issues objectively Strong problem solving skill Analytical skill to analyze different circumstances

  10. Importance of aptitude Creativity, innovation, efficiency and professionalism are product of right aptitude To devise policies on the basis of Logic, Analysis and reasoning Across departments and across assignments what remains constant is the aptitude to work towards public welfare(Purpose of bureauracy) Visionary outlook