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Introduction—Overview (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we discuss Overview Of this course with suitable explanations.

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Tushar Singhal
B.Tech l NDA Mentor l You tube channel with Maths Short TRICKS I more than 120+selection in NDA, AIRFORCE, NAVY

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Very good Yogita keep it up ☺️
  1. INTRODUCTION Tushar Singhal B.Tech-Computer Science 10+ Experience of Teaching Maths Ex. Senior Faculty of PACE Delhi Ex. Senior Faculty VMC Delhi Ex. Senior Faculty Aakash Delhi

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  5. COMPLEX NUMBERS Integral Power of lota (i) Algebraic Operation on Complex Number Conjugate Complex Number

  6. Representation of a Complex Number in Various Forms Square Root of a Complex Number Solution of Complex Number Solution of Complex Equations De-Moivre's Theorem Cube Roots of Unity

  7. Nth Roots of Unity Geometrical Representation of Algebraic Operation of Complex Numbers Rotation Theorem (Coni Method) Use of Complex Numbers in Coordinate Geometry