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Introduction of the Course (in Hindi)
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Launching the 10 PM polity quiz

Rahul Agrawal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Rahul Agrawal
The Ultimate Doubt Destroyer on Unacademy. One of the Top Educator on the Unacademy platform. Famous for Doubt destroyer series.

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very well was always very confusing for me.. thankeww for sought out this...
awesome thank you so much sir....

  2. Welcome!! LET'S TEST YOUR POLITY!!! Self - evaluate Compete with YOURSELF R. AGRAWAL

  3. SCORE-BOARD 02 Very low chances of selection and start preparing. 04 Need to work hard. 06 Can do better, need to focus more. 08 Good, almost there. 10 Awesome, awesome, awesome, high chances of selection. R. AGRAWAL

  4. Instructions!!! You need to follow! 2 3 4 As soon as the question appears pause the video, answercorrectly the question and resume it.comments) Out of 10, how man)y you have solved Increase your marks daily (compete with YOURSELF) 1 question-2 marks. write it in R. AGRAWAL

  5. 1st 3 TOP SCORERS 2nd Name of 3 top scorers will be shown in the video and they can connect with me personally by messaging me on inbox (ask your doubts) 3rd l will reply ASAP R. AGRAWAL

  6. How this course works? 02 01 50% 50% 5 questions will be there in a video,pause on every question and solve it there. I will add a 2nd video explaining the questionsof previous video, watch the explanations and write in the comments your marks! R. AGRAWAL

  7. Keep Go and watch learning! Thank you!!! Rest of the courses for today:- 500 MCQ's on modern history! Understanding entire polity through 1000 MCQs Learning M.Laxmikanth through 50 Polity Facts! R. AGRAWAL

  8. 50 Polity Facts- Supreme Court & High Court (M. Laxmikanth) -By Rahul Agrawal

  9. 'unacademy Hello! R. AGRAWAL lam Rahul Agrawal Verified educator at unacademy! 2

  10. 21 Supreme Court is the Original, Final & Exclusive authority in deciding any disputes regarding the election of the President & Vice-President. R. AGRAWAL