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Introduction of Mathematical Tools (in Hindi)
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This lesson is about introduction of Mathematical Tool's in physics and idea about co-ordinate system.

Kailash Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Kailash Sharma
Senior Faculty Physics - Resonance Kota, Bansal Classes Chandigarh(2 Years), Ex- Resonance (Ahmedabad) - (3 Years), B.Tech - Mechanical Engi

Unacademy user
sir last m thora clear NAHI tha😔😔
Anant Raj
3 months ago
Kya clear nhi hua
Anant Raj
3 months ago
hi Manshi
Sir, is a separate topic for limits is necessary?
An airplane is flying in horizontal line at a height of 2000 meters. Then angle of elevation of the airplane from a fixed point of observation is 0.The speed of airplane is 200 m/s. What is the rate of change of angle when angle 45
Kailash Sharma
5 months ago
I have covered a similar example in application of differentiation.
sir sb kuch ek dm squence wise start kriye.. to sbko to ladder wise smjh ayega ar sb kuch bdiya hoga... 11the to 12 with alll basics sir..
Kailash Sharma
6 months ago
I am trying to complete all remaining topics.
Devansh Kumar
6 months ago
ok sirr😘,you are amazing sir
Anant Raj
3 months ago
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