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Introduction - November 2018
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This lesson deals with the introduction to the course on Summary of Science Reporter - November 2018

Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi
Appeared UPSC CSE Mains,M.A.(Public Administration), B.Tech(CSE)

Unacademy user
One rupee note is not printed by RBI
please continue the series.
Sayandeep we will be covering those which are very much relevant for UPSC. You can find December course too
Sayandeep Banik
9 months ago
thank you
Great job man please share the PDF of science reporter if possible
pdf of the neet exam paper with answer plz send me sir
Ajit borse
10 months ago
  1. Summary of Science Reporter- November 2018 Presented by Ajay Kumar Muchakurthi

  2. The World of Science Fiction

  3. Contents: 5G Saga : Reinventing Connectivity Quest for Mining Asteroid begins Magnificent Muga First Astronomical use of Telescope in India loT-based Pluto What's new? Eliminated Diseases and Last Cases

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