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Introduction || Magnetic Field due to Ring (in Hindi)
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Introduction to magnetic effect of electric current Magnetic field due to current carrying ring

Sachin upadhyay
🌟star educator|teaching on unacademy since 2018| YouTube channel; Sachin sir physics | 2.04 lakh subscriber| 12 million views

Unacademy user
mam yehi qs mera confused tha maine kaha tha gate 2013 ka yehi qs..but mam main confused thi ki yeha ECori ka 2 fragments but 2500 bp but total is 5000 how is it possible?? , mam yeha pe to mention karna chahiye tha ki 2500 ka + 2500..mam agar aise qs aye exsms main to hum e kya assume karna hoga ki 2500 bola hain butb500 hona chshiye to 2500 ka hi 2 fragments hoga tatbhi 2500+2500=5000 bp hoga??
Khushboo Agrawal
7 months ago
See this is simple to assume because in question they have given the size of plasmid that is 5000...okay and they are giving the size of the fragment generated after treatment with different RE... They are not giving the no. Of fragment generated but the size of fragment... So officially if size of fragment generated is 2500and total length was 5000 so obviously two fragments will be generated of equal length
Khushboo Agrawal
7 months ago
Is it okay know??
7 months ago
yes mam...
is it enough for aiims
sir ap english mat hi bola karo
Thank you much sir i have messaged you on instagram many many times but haven't got any reply please check it out sir...... Once again thank you sir.....
Sir,believe me ur r an ideal person for me..... bcoz i didn't love physics... but after watching ur lectures i m in really love with physics... thank u so much sir......
Sachin upadhyay
7 months ago
thanks dear 😊
Shubham Gupta
7 months ago
ur welcome sir.... 😊😊😊
sir I also in love with physics
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