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Introduction (in Hindi)
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Prakash Kumar is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Prakash Kumar
Appeared in UPSC CSE interview and mains 4 times.A platform to learn Geography, History and the subject which i teach, i put my heart in it.

Unacademy user
Solubility low Kyu h nitrogen ki water me??.. Hydrogen bond formation ke according to jyada honi chahiye na solubility????
Shafira Shadik
a year ago
Yes...nitrogen has more solubility in water due to hydrogen bonding and doesn't form bubbles when passes through water'
9 months ago
solubility of nitrogen is low in water because in order to form hydrogen bond with water it has to break it's triple bond and the energy released in forming the H-bonding is not enough to break it's triple bond
Mrudul Hirlekar
6 months ago
How can a non polar bond form hydrogen bonds....? N2 is non polar..... and H bonding requires extremely polar molecule.... like NH3....