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Introduction (in Hindi)
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Introduction of the course

Vivek Sharma
#Sr.Physics Faculty (BANSAL CLASSES KOTA) #Ex-Faculty Allen Career Institute. #6+ years of teaching experience #B-Tech NIT HAMIRPUR

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richest tropical rain forest in India.... Andaman, Brahmaputra, North Western, Odisha, South Western
sir I have no words for u thank you so much sir for really sir I request you pls try to complete 100 question before Jee April
Vivek Sharma
a year ago
Dear tejas..
Vivek Sharma
a year ago
Keep learning i will definately complete 100 questions before JEE mains april examination.
sir only 50 questions where are others plzz sir go fast as jee is coming
Vivek Sharma
a year ago
hello kush .. you will get 50 more questions very soon..
Kush Patel
a year ago
plz as soon as possible sir as after 2days their is a jee of mine plzz sir
Very nice explanation and way of teaching is perfect...
Vivek Sharma
a year ago
thanku very much.. :)
The way of teaching is good.
very nice exellent explanation
Vivek Sharma
a year ago
Thanks.. :)

  2. About myself I havemore than s yearsof teaching experience in coaching industry Atpresent Iam Sr.physics Faculty at Bansal classes Kota. Ex-Faculty of Allen career institute. B-Tech NITHamirpur(HP) in civil Engineering. Followme at https: //unacademy.comvuser/viveknithoo-8604

  3. Overview of the course This course contain 10o important questions on those concept whicharebeingregularlyrepeated from the whole physics syllabus of IITJEE This course covers question on all those concepts whichare repeatedat least3-4 time in JEEMains.

  4. Target audience Aspirants ofIITEE mains & Advance only .

  5. Suggestions before starting the course Don'tleave the course in midway, for betterresult go through the whole course within a week. During learning makeyour notes andmark thekeypoints. During learning, afterwatchingthe question on the screen take a pause for2-3 minutes (not more than that) andtryto solve the question, Never jumpto the solution without making yourefforts on questions. If you found any difficulty in any concept you can message me, comment on the lessons i will reply youas soon as possible. Youcanalso do video calls on the scheduled time decided by me Share andalso like the lessons, so that others get benefits. Remember sharing is caring