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Introduction (in Hindi)
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Ashish Singh
IB ACIO II- 2017(Mains Qualified), Verified Exam cleared- SSC CPO (2014), SSC CGL Tier (2016 - Qualified for Mains), DSSSB (Mains)

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Please do a video on 1. reliability mttr mttf availability etc. 2. TQM, SIX sigma, control charts, iso 9001
I am doing my best. My first aim is to complete syllabus of GATE & ESE. Thank you to write me.
I like this kind of information. please continue
very nice explaination sir
  1. OVERVIEW 1. Introduction


  3. Account for (tr) - Give a good reason for, explain satisfactorily You must account for the money you spend Allow for (tr)- make provision in advance for, take into account Allowing for depreciation your can should be worth 20000 Rsl- this time next year Ask after ask for news of somebody I met Vedpal at the rave party; he asked after you. (...asked how you were)

  4. Ask for: a. Sk to speak to : Go to the office and ask for my secretary. b. Request, demand: The men asked for more pay and shorter hours. Ask someone out (object before out)- invite someone to an entertainment or to a meal (usually in a public place) She had a lot of friends and was usually asked out in the evening.

  5. Bear out (tr)-confirm : This report bears out my theory Bear up (into-hide the feelings of grief: The news of his divorce was a great shock to him but he bore up bravely Blow out (tr)-extinguish (a flame) by blowing : She blew out the candle.

  6. Blow up (tr or intr) a. Destroy by explosion, explode: Just as we got to the bridge it blew up b. Fill with air, inflate, pump up We blew up their balloons and threw them into the air. Break in (intr), break (tr) a. Enter by force Thieves broke in and stole the silver. The house was broken into when they were holiday b. Interrupt someone by some sudden remark She was telling them about her success when he broke in with a story of his own.

  7. Break off(tr)- terminate (used of agreements or negotiations): Komal has broken off her engagement to her fianc . Break off (intr)- stop talking suddenly, interrupt oneself. We were in the middle of a causerie but broke off when someone came into the room. Break out (intr): a. Egin(used of evils such as wars, epidemics, fires etc.) War broke out on 2nd November. b. Escape by using force form a prison etc. The police are looking for two men who broke out prison last night.

  8. Break up (tr or intr) disintegrate, cause to disintegrate: Divorce breaks up a lot of families. Bring someone round - i. Persuade someone to accept a previously opposed suggestion. After a lot of argument I brought him round to my point of view. S: She fainted with the pain but a little bit of whiskey soon brought her round

  9. C. Call at: 'visit' (for a short time) call at a place I called at the bank and arranged to transfer some money Call for: visit a place to collect a person or thing. Leave the suitcase in the luggage office and call for them later on when Call for (tr) - require, demand: The situation calls for tact. You've got the job, this calls for a celebration

  10. Call in a person/call him in - send for him/ask him to come to the house to perform some service, 'send for' is more authoritative than call in' which is therefore a more polite form: She has been called in. Call on somebody (usually + infinitive): Ask him to do something/ask him to help: The opposition called on the Prime Minister to stop the arms deal. Call off: cancel something not yet started, or abandon something already in progress They had to call off (cancel) the match because the ground was too wet to play on. F20

  11. Care for (tr) a. Like (seldom used in the affirmative) He doesn't care for films about war Carry on with (intr): continue(usually work or duty): Ican't carry on alone any longer. Carry on with(tr) is used in the same way. The doctor told her to carry on with treatment. Carry out(tr)-perfrom (duties), obey(orders, instructions): You are not meant to think for yourself; you here to carry out my orders. Catch up with (tr), catach up(tr or intr) -overtake, but not pass: You've missed several classes; you'll have to work hard to catch up with the rest of the class.

  12. Crop up(intr)- a ppear, arise unexpectedly or by accident: At first all sorts of difficulties crop up and delayed us. Cut down(tr) reduce in size or amount: We must cut down expenses or we'll be getting into debt. Be cut out for(tr)- be fitted or suited for (used of people, usually in the negative) His father got him a job in a hotel but it soon became clear that he was not cut for that kind of work.

  13. Do away with (tr)- abolish The government should do away with the regulations restricting drinking hours. Do up (tr)- redecorate: When I do this room up I'll paint the walls pink. Do withour (tr) manage int the absence of a person thin: I had to d without diesel during the fuel crisis. Drop in (intr) pay a short unannounced visit: He dropped in for a few minutes to ask if he should borrow some money.

  14. Fallback on (ry) use in the absence of something better We had to fall back on fruit as food was not ready. Fall on (tr)- attack violently: The mob fell on the killers and clubbed them to death. The starving lass fell on the food. (devoured it)

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