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Introduction I (in Hindi)
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Brief history of chemistry

Shaillee Kaushal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Shaillee Kaushal
Faculty in Chemistry with a teaching experience of 14 years. Specialised in teaching for boards and competitions.

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excellent videos......excellent way of teaching
I am preparing for NEET 2021
hlo mam I am Vishal I'm preparing neetb2020 strategy batao
hindi main likha h...pura english m chipka rhe ho...
Hii mam, I am Nawdip Kumar. I want prepare neet exam for 2020. How to do.
Shaillee Kaushal
5 months ago
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mam you are doing very hard and good work please make more courses for 11th jee and neet
  1. NEET -2019 Physical Chemistry

  2. Chemistry BY Shaillee Kaushal This Course will give the entire update of Chemistry for NEET With all the theory, tricks and practice Questions. So lets join hand to give our 100% to crack the exam and fulfil our dream

  3. Focus Points This Course will consist of both XI and XII Physical Chemistry Theory and numerical expressions Questions for practice Questions from last 10 years NEET papers Important topics from each unit in which more focus is required Strategy of preparation of each unit and maximum weightage of each unit in the previous years

  4. Unit - 1 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Introduction

  5. Organic Chemistry It studies compounds of carbon except carbonates, bicarbonates, cyanides, isocyanides, carbides and oxides of carbon

  6. Inorganic Chemistry It studies the materials obtained from minerals, air, sea and soil.

  7. Physical Chemistry It studies the physical properties and constitution and theories governing reactions.

  8. Analytical Chemistry It studies various methods of analysis of chemical substances

  9. Some Other main branches of Chemistry (i) Biochemistry It comprises of the studies of substances related to living organisms and lite processes (ii) Medicinal chemistry- It deals with application of chemical substances for the prevention and cure of various diseases in living beings. i Soil and agricultural chemistry- It deals with analysis and treatment of soils so as to increase fertility. (iv) Geochemistry It includes the study of natural substances like areas and minerals, coal, petroleum etc (v) Industrial chemistry It studies chemical processes for the production of useful chemicals (vi) Nuclear chemistry- It includes the study of nuclear reactions. (vii) Structural chemistry It studies various techniques used to study the structures of chemical substances. (v) Polymer chemistry- It includes study of chemical substances of very high molecular masses of the order of 100,000 or greater. (ix) Limno chemistry It studies chemistry involved in the river water or water raservOire

  10. Important Chemists and their achievments: Lavoisier-> (1) Father of modern chemistry (2) Explained the exact explanation of combustion (3) Showed that water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen (4) Proposed the theory of indestructibility of matter (5) Gave the definition of of element (6) Proposed the system of chemical nomenclature.