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Introduction and Simple Epithelium (in Hindi)
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In this session we have completed simple epithelium in depth for NEET and AIIMS entrance exam and CBSE board exam.

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Anmol Sharma
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shee dharacharya formula 👏👏👏
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plzz explain with diagram sir
sir but here does not connective tissue
sir whether microvilli help in reabsorption or in movement??

  2. . Animal tissues are broadly classified into four types: (i) Epithelial Tissue (ii) Connective Tissue (ii) Muscular Tissue (iv) Neural Tissue

  3. Tissue Origin Function Ectoderm, mesoderm, |Protection, absorption, endodermal Epithelial secretion etc. Connective Mesodermal Toconnect, support, transport etc Locomotion and movement Muscular Mesodermal Control and coordination Nervous Ectodermal Note :- This is self made Table has been made For Study purpose.

  4. Epithelial Tissue . This tissue has a free surface, which faces either a body fluid or the outside environment and thus provides a covering or a lining for some part of the body The cells are compactly packed with little intercellular matrix. . There are two types of epithelial tissues namely simple epithelium and compound epithelium

  5. Simple epithelium is composed of a single layer of cells and functions as a lining for body cavities, ducts, and tubes. The compound epithelium consists of two or more cell layers and has protective function as it does in our skin.

  6. . Simple epithelium On the basis of structural modification of the cells, . simple epithelium is further divided into three types. These are 1. Squamous, 2. Cuboidal, 3. Columnar.

  7. 1. Squamous epithelium .Squamous epithelium is made of a single thin layer of flattened cells with irregular boundaries. They are found in the walls of blood vessels and air sacs of lungs and are involved in a functions like forming a diffusion boundary.(NEET/AIPMT)

  8. 2. Cuboidal epithelium . Cuboidal epithelium is composed ofa single layer of cube-like cells * This is commonly found in ducts of glands and tubular parts of nephrons in kidneys and its main functions are secretion and absorption The epithelium of proximal convoluted tubule (PCT) of nephron in the kidney has microVilII

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