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Introduction and Overview
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This video gives an introduction to the course.

Sayantan Bhattacharya
"Educating India For a Better Tomorrow" ||Ph.D student,U mass Lowell,Massachusetts,USA|| M.Sc,University Of Hyderabad,2018|| B.Sc,B.H.U,2016

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will these topic be helpful in csir net physical science
  1. ntroduction and Brief Overview By Sayantan Bhattacharya

  2. About me M.Sc student at University of Hyderabad B.Sc student at Banaras Hindu University.(B.H.U) Major in Physics Research Interest: High Energy Physics, Theoretical Particle Physics Computational Astrophysics. Unacademy link: https sayantan34

  3. About Course This course will be covering topics in the syllabi of Solid State physics for G TE(physics) Important topic for GATE; you can expect 5-6 question:s The course will be mainly based on problem solving aproach.No derivation. Briefly describe and explain the theory and important formulas. After that, previous year problems will be discussed on these parts.

  4. Brief Outline Of Course Introduction to Crystal structures. X-ray diffraction an reciprocal lattice. Bonding In soli Lattice Vibrations Free Electron theory of metals ds

  5. Band theory of solids Difference between Metal, insulator and semiconductor. Velocity and effective mass of electron. Semiconductors. Magnetism

  6. Brief Outline.... Dielectric properties in solid. Superconductivity Typel,type ll superconductor. Meissner effect. London Equation.

  7. Outcome Help remember the formulas and important points. Competitive exam approach. Problem solving methods. Previous year questions will be discussed topic wise. Help you to, assimilate with GATE pattern.

  8. Thank You