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Introduction and Overview
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This lesson includes an introduction to animal tissues, with a brief description of tissues in general and also the major discoveries have been mentioned. The lesson also includes an overview to the whole course.

Swasti Nagar
Medico at JLN medical college, Ajmer cleared NEET 2016 and qualified for AIIMS-016! STAR educator at Unacademy

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Mam thank you And all question are good and very important questions
please explain about enterocoelometa
thnkuu so much mam...u r really a good educator....nd biology seems to be very interesting after watching ur lectures....thanks alot mam....❤
Firstly you are a great teacher!!! and the second thought is you are super hot!!!! no offense !! Thank you again!
Clear pronunciation.. Excellent concept capturing..
Swasti Nagar
8 months ago
  1. STRUCTURAL ORGANISATION IN ANIMALS(Animal Tissues) -Swasti Nagar -JLN Medical College, Ajmer SUBHEADING- Introduction and Overview Unacademy username-

  2. INTRODUCTION e Unicellular organisms- perform all e Multicellular organisms functions without much efficiency TISSUE- group of similar cells+ intercellular substance specialized tO perform a specific function is called tissue

  3. e Cell grouping- different structures for different functions---increased efficiency e Cell-tissues-organ-organ system- organism Division of labour- survival of body

  4. . Cells maybe dissimilar in structure and function, but always similar in origin HISTOLOGY- study of tissues

  5. ANIMAL TISSUES e Group of similar cell Same origin Specific functions Term given by BICHAT (plant anatomy- N. Grew) Histology- MAYER

  6. Types of animal tissues Varied structure, functions and locations- I. Epithelial 2. Connective 3. Muscular 4. Nervous tissue

  7. OVERVIEW . Types of tissues . Sub-groups . Features of each type+ pictorial description . Examples of each type Cell junctions e MCQs relating to each type

  8. ANIMAL-. TISSUES Connecliwe Compound eliun Lo DS Denneelwi Dense connectve

  9. Four types of tissue Connective tissue Epithelial tissue Muscle tissue Nervous tissue