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Introduction and Importance of Solving Previous Years Questions
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Importance of solving previous years questions is discussed here.

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Rahul Agrawal
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Amazing words sir..!! I myself have experienced the repetitive tendency of questions in Prelims, after I solved all the History Questions from 1999-2017. They are in fact very very repetitive. Example: Quit India Movement (1942) has been asked innumerable number of times in various forms. Great idea of a course Rahul sir..!! :)
sir please create pyq course for ancient and medieval history
sir .. plz do for science and tech PYQ..

  2. Previous Year Question papers are the most authentic source of information for both prelims and main examination. One of the important prerequisites of the Civil Service Examination preparations is practicing previous year question papers You cannot neglect the importance of previous year question papers and sample papers. These papers, prepare you for Civil Service Examination- both prelims and main- in a much better way. R. AGRAWAL

  3. By solving these papers, you also realize that there are many questions which are common Solving the Civil services examination Previous Year Question papers also helps you in revision Many of the questions- molded or rephrased- repeatedly asked in the exams. Just try to read the questions carefully in your exam and you will see how helpful it has beer. self-evaluation Previous Year Question papers indicate the nature of the questions being asked by the UPSC Previous year papers give an idea about the changing trends, if any, of the syllabus Based on the topics that are common in the previous few year question papers, one can predict the trending topics R. AGRAWAL

  4. How to utilize & get maximum benefit from this course Watch all the previous years MCQ's on unacademy by Rahul Agrawal Write down the static topics (on which questions are asked) Read the topics make short notes, & after some days again solve the PYQ's R. AGRAWAL

  5. POLITY Solved Previous 6 Years MCQs on Polity (UPSC Prelims 2012-2017) -ic)No.PRE LIMS. 2013 ENVIRONMENT SOLVED PREVIOUS YEAR By Rahul Agrawal y Rahul Agrawal O (Hindi) UPSC CSE Prelims 2016 Previous Year Questions on (Hindi) Solved Previous 5 Years MCOs on Modern History (UPSC PRELIMS 2017 MODERN HISTORY Solved Previous 5 Years MCQs on Modern History (UPSC Prelims 2013- 2017) ENVIRONMEN Solved Previous 5 Years MCQs on Environment (UPSC Prelims 2013- 2017) By Rahul Agrawal (Hindi) UPSC CSE Prelims (2015 and 2016) Previous Year. 0 GEOGRAPHY SOLVED ECONOMICS SOLVED YEAR PREVIOUS YEAR ESTIONS PRELIM IMS GEOGRAPHY ECONOMICS By Rahul Agrawal Solved Previous 5 YearsSolved Previous 5 Years By Rahul Agrawal (Hindi) Solved Previous 5 Years MCOs on Geography (UPSC.. (Hindi) UPSC CSE Prelims 2017 Previous Year Questions on... MCQs on Geography (UPSC Prelims 2013- 2017) MCQs on Economics (UPSC Prelims 2013- 2017) R. AGRAWAL

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