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Introduction About Photosynthesis (in Hindi)
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Photosynthesis, types-oxygenic and anoxygenic photo synthesis

Manisha Malhotra
Msc in microbiology with gold medal, qualified GATE and Uttarakhand-set. Admin of the you tube channel Manisha Malhotra tutorials.

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plz complete the topic mam
maam topic se related mcq bhi kariye plz
Manisha Malhotra
9 months ago
sure after completionof this topic I will
  1. Manisha Malhotra Mach lolr in adial microbiology Masters in microbiology with gold medal D Qualified GATE exam 2018 and uttarakhand-SET exam Trained in protein and enzyme downstream processing at CSIR-IIP, Dehradun Don't forget to rate and review the lessons

  2. Photosynthesis- Simplified Version 2

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  4. Introduction about photosynthesis Oxygenic and anoxygenic photosynthesis Photosynthetic pigments Photosystems Process and stages of photosynthesis. . Light reaction . Dark reaction


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