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Introducing the Course (in Hindi)
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This lesson covers general introduction of coming of britishers to India and acquiring of fiscal rights of bengal province

Apurva jain
mppsc 2018- rank 29 Assistant director (minorities welfare) mp govt.

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Bro All the tips and knowledge given by you is very useful for further exams..Thanks for uploading such knowledgeable videos
tysm Prakash
  1. About me My name is APurva jain. Graduation - B.E(electronics and communication) 2017 pass out from UIT RGPV Bhopal Teaching experience - 2year . . . Civil service aspirant . Appeared for Mppsc mains:2018. . Hobbies- Teaching and yoga..

  2. Some useful tips. Be free to ask doubts. Listen to the lecture carefully . Practice questions. . Be consistent . Beneficial for aspirants of SSC And All other Competitive Exams.

  3. of DIA lopicS COverea

  4. Coming of britishers to India o Battle of buxar o Trading rights to administrative rights o Various acts a . Demand of constituent assembly o Formation of assembly nd legislation Final draft of Constitution.

  5. Arrival of British to India 1600 charter issued by Queen Elizabeth East India Company gets exclusive rights for trading. . . First factory in masulipatnam 1764 battle of buxar 1765- diwani rights acquired by EIC ( rights over revenue and civil justice)

  6. Battle of buxar (1764) British Army India -mir qasim ( nawab of bengal) shujauddaula( nawab of awadh) -Mughal empersor ( shah alam II) Led by hector munro. (These were the victors)

  7. From trade to territory Begining of company Rule.

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