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Indian Theatre
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Introduction Of Indian Theatre

Naziya Quadir
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  1. Indian Theatre Art And Culture Presented by Naziya Quadir

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  6. Objective To give brief knowledge of Indian Theatre,there types,there festivals,there institutes,and abt Unesco Performing arts.

  7. INTRODUCTION Theatre word is derived from the ancient Greek word theatron tht mean a place of viewing. Theatre is a place where you can see plays, performances of your favourite artist infront of love audience in a specific place. In Indian Theatre you can see two types of theatre one is classical another one is folk. Indian Theatre is one of the most ancient form of indo European and Asian theatre. It shows the sculptural textual and dramatic effects. The dramatic performance defined by concept of Natya which is a sanskrit word for drama. After Independence in 1947 theatre spread throughout India as one of the means of entertainment.

  8. Classical Theatre Indian theatre is one of the most ancient forms of Indo-European and Asian theatre Theatre shows detailed textual, sculptural, and dramatic effects. Like in the areas of music and dance, the Indian theatre is also defined by the dramatio performance defined by the concept of Natya, which is a Sanskrit word for drama But encompasses dramatic narrative, virtuostic dance, and music

  9. Folk Theatre India has a long, rich and illustrious history of folk theatre. In ancient times, Sanskrit dramas were staged at seasonal festivals or to celebrate special events. Between the 15th and the 19th centuries, actors and dancers were given special places of distinction in the courts of several Indian kings. Today, folk theatre is considered an art form that keeps the basic elements of a drama intact, while taking on the stories and flavours of the region its stems from. This very aspect makes folk theater a vibrant and vital aspect of India's intangible cultural heritage. While some folk theatre forms like raslila, nautanki and ramlilaare recognized all over the country, there are some which, in spite of being equally amazing, remain largely unnoticed. There are 12 beautiful yet lesser known folk

  10. Women's Theatre Traditional dramatic structures relied on invisible authors whereas a feminist theatre gave voice to the writer's own perceptions as a woman. Focus of the theatre on women-centred issues received a boost with the development of the Indian Peoples Theatre Movement or IPTA which was active from 1943. The content of the plays have ranged from re-working of traditional myths to concern with social issues. Feminist plays deconstruct the emasculating structures of ancient legends and criticise the feminine myths that are prevalent in the social scene. Mainstream hero-centred literature and myth are seen as normalising contemporary patriarchal cultural values and feminist theatre seeks to overcome these.

  11. Most Famous Festivals Of Theatre The Prithviraj Theatre Festival Bharat Rang Mahotsav Nandlikars National Theatre Festi THESPO Prem Utsav Purple Umbrella Theatre Festival .

  12. UNESCO 3 Performing Art Mudiyettu Chhau Dance Kalbelia Folk song and dance