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Indian Polity Strategy - 2
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Vinita Devi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vinita Devi
Hindu college Alumni, Teach for India fellowship, teaching UPSC. Environment, art and culture and Answer Writing sections.

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all topics r vry imp for ias prelims , but according to u wht r the top 10 topic plz reply
  1. Indian Polity Books, Resources and Strategy By Vinita Malik

  2. Class IX NCERT textbook - Democratic Politics-l Class X NCERT textbook Democratic Politics-ll Class XI NCERT textbook - Indian Constitution at work Indian Polity - M. Laxmikanth . Introduction to the Constitution of India D.D Basu India Year Book .

  3. In your first reading just try to read the book and understand the basic structure of our constitution. Read Part 1 to Part 4 and avoid chapters like citizenship, centre state relationship for later reading Try to read chapter in part 3 and part 4 in relation with each other as President chapter in part 3 should be followed by Governor chapter in part 4 and so on.You will also find relationship in chapter in Part 7 and Part 8 After your first reading try to relate things coming in newspaper with the chapter you read in Laxmikant. Start revising the chapter read and completing the reamaining chapter in your subsequent reading

  4. Don't get disheartened if you forget some facts while answering the questions. It happens to all the students. And last don't try to remember articles Just remember Article 1 to 51 and the articles which are coming in news regularly.UPSC rare ask question based on articles beyond above mentioned articles. The best way to read Laxmikant is revising it as many times as possible.Solved PYQ so that you can see what type of questions are being asked in Polity.Practise and Revise ,and you will do wonders in polity