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Indian Polity :- Expected Mcq Series 7 (in Hindi)
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Talvir Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Talvir Singh
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Unacademy user
Hai Jatin, i am not saying this just to praise you but ur analysis is helping me lot for making crisp notes thanks is not a sufficient word to express my satisfaction, do continue such courses and u are doing a great job thanks once again
Kaushal Raj
2 years ago
can you suggest me how to make crisp notes from the Hindu? for example - Aerosols shrinking india's monsoon season.... should I write all the points which r displayed in jatin sir's video?? please tell me...
Ca Praveen Raju
2 years ago
1.GHGs which are causing major concern about indian monsoon, researchers think that (a) Aerosols from vehicular exhaust, (b)Half burnt crop residue, (c) Dust & chemical effluents - are weakening the life giving rainy season more than GHGs. 2.A mix of GHGs, aerosols and changes in forest & agricultural cover was affecting strength of monsoon, which was weakening over last 50 years (relative contribution on indv.factors not known). 3.Scientist & his team used an upgraded forecast model & it was used by india meteorological dept for forecast. 4.this model will help in preparing india's first home-grown climate change from global warming & be part of intergovernmental panel on climate change reports. the above points are written in my notes i found it crisp but u may not find it, but 1 thing is if we write we can remember for more time & helps in quick revision that is y i write if helpful use it otherwise ignore
Sir I enrolled in your plus course..please tell how u will provide classes?? Please sir tell me about dis
Talvir Singh
5 months ago
all classes will be live rest u can check in course details

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  3. .MCQ SERIES 7

  4. 1. Members of the Rajya Sabha are elected according to: (a) Cumulative Vote System (b) Single Non-transferable Vote System . (c) Single Transferable Vote System . (d) None of the above

  5. 2. The Rajya Sabha can have a maximum strength of: . (a) 200 . (b) 210 * (c) 250 . (d) 260

  6. 3. At present the Rajya Sabha consists of members. . (a) 250 . (b) 245 (c) 238 . (d) 240

  7. . 4. Who, according to the Anti-Defection Act, is the final authority to decide whether a member of Lok Sabha has incurred disqualification due to defection? . (a) Speaker . (b) President .(c) Election Commission . (d) High Court

  8. 5. Who is authorized to decide over a dispute regarding disqualification of a member of Parliament? (a) Election Commissioner . (b) Speaker of Lok Sabha . (c) President . (d) A Committee set up by the Parliament

  9. 6. The Lok Sabha is called in session for at least how many times in a year? . (a) Twice . (b) Once . (c) Thrice . (d) Four times

  10. 7. What is 'zero hour'? . (a) When the proposals of the opposition are considered (b) When matters of utmost importance are raised . (c) Interval between the morning- and afternoon sessions (d) When a Money Bill is introduced in the Lok Sabha .