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India-U.S. Relations Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Background & History. Relations till 1991 (LPG Reforms) Impact of Nuclear tests conducted by India. Nehru & JFK etc...

Pramey Joshi
Nationalist, Feminist & Optimist || Music lover || love to read non-fictional books || love cooking & teaching ||

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  1. INDIA-US RELATIONS Nuclear Tests NASA & ISRO 123 Agreement Climate Change America First

  2. Name:- Pramey M. Joshi - Persuing Bsc. & BA degree from Pune University - Aspirant of UPSC/CSE - Hobbies- 1. Reading non-fictional books 2. Playing & watching cricket 3. Traveling a lot 4. Taking part in various competitions like debate,elocution etc.

  3. BACKGROUND & HISTORY. Low level of Relations at start. David Malone "Relations between world's oldest& largest democracies has been a saga of 50 wasted years."

  4. Relations after China war:- - Nehru,turned to Kennedy for military support in dealing with both immediate & long term threats from China. The assassination of Kennedy at the end of November 1963 & the death of Nehru in May 1964,however,made the big geopolitical moment in Asia a brief one.

  5. Operation Smiling Buddha:- - Nuclear tests of 1974 & its impact on India-US relations !!! Nuclear Suppliers Group OPERATION CYCLONE The United States concluded that the test did not violate any agreement and proceeded with a June 1974 shipment of enriched uranium for the Tarapur reactor. 1981

  6. RS 1998 Pokhran II (Nuclear Tests) - Clinton's visit (2000) 9/11 World Trade Center attack

  7. Part 1 ends here!!! Thanks for Watching THANKS WATCHING