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India - Pakistan (Historical Background) For UPSC CSE/IAS Aspirants
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This lesson deals with the creation of Pakistan (East/ West) as a separate country after partition. Further Ayussh continues with explaining the reason for major crises between India and Pakistan by explaining the reason behind Kashmir becoming part of India.

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radar contents are awesome .....thanks
sir , i am an aspirant prepared for CSE 2018 , sir I AM TOO MUCH Confused between ANTHROPOLOGY & POLITICAL SCIENCE choosing right optional . i am zoology graduate like political science because link with GS PAPER - 2 & 3 also too much interesting but senior are saying less scoring after putting soo much effort . so please guide i study from last 1 year as per your guideline . please suggest which optional is better Anthropology or political science . thanks a lot varun kumar ray
Another thing which I would like to include is Pakistan inherited 1/3 rd of the British Indian army(due to the fact that the British maintained the martial race and now most of the soldiers belonged to the Pakistan) and a with a big army and a very small resource the only way the Pakistan can prove itself if through military aggression. If the that big army was not give to Pakistan at that time things would have been different. The army is so big that in the first year of formation PM Liquat Ali Khan has to spend 74% of its budget on army.
Abhishek Kumar
3 years ago
Bhai aap kaun si book padhte ho International Relation ke liy
Sir Can you elaborate more on Two full scale wars 1965 & 1971 and Two limited wars ?
Thnk u so much Sir for this video as it was really helpful for us and presented in an excellent way which is easy to understand.I would also like to mention thnks for exact n correct explanation behind India-Pak crises and some new things like proxy war.Excellent work!!! Looking for more.
Great job ayussh sir.All your videos have been very effective and imparting good knowledge for students like me.we are lucky to have you as an educator in unacademy.Thank you sir for a great lecture..



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  5. AFTER THE SERIES YOU WOULD BE ABLE TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS the historical perspective of Indo- Pak reli What is the historical perspective of Indo - Pak relations? Why was there a crises between the two countries? All issues pertaining to India Pakistan Relations?

  6. HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE Pakistan was born by carving out two geographically far flung areas from the earst-while British India. The basis of this division was: a sense of difference in identity, which gave rise to instability in government, inefficiency of political parties and a weak political culture leading to the scenario for a politically and socially unstable state.

  7. HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE The partition of British India led to the creation of two sovereign states: The Union of India and The Dominion of Pakistan in the August of 1947

  8. WAS THE PARTITION OF BOUNDARIES OR SOMETHING ELSE? Partition was in respect of the division of the: Bengal province of British India into East Pakistan and West Bengal (India) and the similar partition of the Punjab province into Punjab of West Pakistan and Punjab of India

  9. WAS THE PARTITION OF BOUNDARIES OR SOMETHING ELSE? There was also respective divisions of: assets, including the British Indian Army, the Indian Civil Service and other administrative services, the Railways and the central treasury. Pakistan was virtually divided into two geographically far flung divisions with distinctly separate cultures, never to be assimilated in a single nationhood

  10. MAJOR CRISIS The relationship between these two twin states got sour from the very beginning. There had been three types of wars between the two countries: Two Full Scale Wars (1965 & 1971), Two Limited Wars (1947 & 1999) and An Ongoing Proxy War waged by the Pakistani side with the help of various anti-state and terrorist elements.

  11. THE KASHMIR ISSUE The accession of Jammu and Kashmir to India became final on October 27, and the army was airlifted to clear the aggressions. Pakistan refused to accept the accession. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan stated that, > 'the accession of Kashmir to India is a fraud perpetrated on the people of Kashmir by its cowardly ruler with the aggressive help of the Government of India.' In this way started the root cause of enimity between the two neighbours.