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India-Overview (in Hindi)
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This lesson deals with the important facts related to India.

Kirti Dalal
Verified Educator/Cleared CDS written exam/Loves dance and music which makes me keep going/Non-fiction books

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sir pls upload remaining vedios on youtube they have only 14 of the total of them i cannot download these from here
wowww... it really helps me. Thankyou @KirtiDalal for this awesome video. you've helped me to passing my 12th.????????
wowww... it really helps me. Thankyou @KirtiDalal for this awesome video. you've helped me to passing my 12th.????????
india located in north east hemisphere according to INDIA YEAR BOOK
Kirti Dalal
2 years ago
Yes, it is, but there is a difference because when we refer with respect to latitudes then it resides in the Northen hemisphere and when we refer with respect to longitude then it resides in the Eastern hemisphere. I hope you got your answer. Thanks.
Chetan Pandey
2 years ago
okk but if this question arise in exam then what will be the answer as in question it is not specifies about their polar coordinates..
Surej Reginald
2 years ago
Yes. I too think Chetan is right. You should add East hemisphere also. Else leaner will not have any idea of the west east hemisphere concept. Also if you an add photos in your slides (like when we say of northern hemisphere or showing time meridian of india) it will be of great help!
Thanks a lot for preparing these videos. Kindly continue and complete the entire Geography syllabus for CHSL. Also, I had a doubt. Which is the highest waterfall in India?
Kirti Dalal
2 years ago
jog falls in Karnataka..thanks for ur feedback...all the best.

  2. Introduction . Facts Geological structure

  3. India India lies completely in the Northern hemisphere. Standard time meridian of India passes through the 82 and half degree- Naini(Allahabad) Standard time of India is 5 hours and 30minutes ahead of the Greenwich mean time. Tropic of cancer passes through Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Tripura and Mizoram .North to South-3214km .West to east- 2933 km Coast line of Gujarat- longest coast line in India

  4. Continue 7th largest country after Russia, Canada, China, U.S.A., Brazil and Australia. Total coastline- 7515 km including mainland Indira point-Southern most point of India is in Great Nicobar Island 10 degree channel separates the Andaman from the Nicobar. Channel between Indira point and Indonesia is Great Channel. Central position is in the Indian Ocean. 29 states and 7 union territories

  5. continue Chhotanagpur region is known as the the Ruhr of India. India's only desert is That desert which is situated in Rajasthan. Bay of Bengal lies on the eastern side and Arabian sea lies on the western side.

  6. Geological structure Archian rocks- very old primary rocks Dharwar rocks-layered rocks Cuddappah rocks-formed by the erosion and depostioin of dharwar rocks Vindhyan rocks-formed after cuddappah rocks Gondwana rocks-About 98% of coal deposits of India are found in these rocks. . Deccan trap-formed by the basaltic lava with the thickness of 1500m and at some places even 3000m