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Income Tax: Derived Tax Powers (for UPSC CSE)
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This lesson concentrates on the basics of income taxation. You’ll come across the powers which derived income tax law, you’ll learn briefly about schedule VII. The three important lists which involve in schedule VII, i.e. union list, state list and concurrent list are explained briefly.

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Are these lectures still relevant after introduction of GST..? PLEASE GUIDE
sir , isnt it required for upsc exams ?
I have just started the lecture and I am feeling that my time won't get wasted! Thank you unacademy for putting option for fast forward. It could be great help for quick revision after sometime with little bit faster video.
thank you so much sir
Thank you Sir........................ Thanks to unacademy.................................
  1. IncomeTax Unit I - Basics Concepts & Fundamentals Presented by CA Ayussh Sanghi

  2. Powers derived to impose Income lax Law . The Central Government has got the power through Entry 82 of the Union List of Schedule VIl of the Constitution of India to impose tax on all incomes, except the agricultural income. . Entry 46 of the State List of said Schedule VII gives power to the State Government to impose tax on agricultural income

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