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Important topics to be covered in People & Environment (In Hindi)
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This lesson covers important topics to be covered and Environment & it's components

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Priyashi Barthwal
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your way of teaching is so flawless...slowly and gracefully you try to deliver knowledge which is appreciable..thanks a lot
Neha Saini
a year ago
thank you so much. :)
mam ye course new syllabus ke according design h ?
mam development part ?
mem continue ur series and plz slowly explain topic
U didn't cover the current part, u know exam is around the corner, do it soon please

  2. Important Topics To Be Covered Components of Environmen Eco System & its components Environmental Challenges * Factors Affecting Environment Forest Wildlife & Protection * Protocols & Policies Environmental Organizations Major Industries Sustainable Development Pollutants

  3. Natural & Manmade Disasters Soil & its Erosion Diseases Sources of Energy & Projects * Institution & Planning & Natural Resources

  4. Environment: the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or plant lives or operates. Types Of environment: Physical Environment: The basic suitability of an area for human occupance Such area that with normal temperature and all are called edumen areas and which are not suitable are called non-edumen areas. Biotic Environment: Includes plants and animal life of that area, which is the manifestation of its physical environment, these both together are called natural environment Cultural Environment: outcome of the interaction of humans with their physical and biotic environment, also called anthropogenic or human environan en

  5. Components Of Environment: Abiotic or Physical or Nonliving - soil minerals water etc, its subdivided into three components Lithosphere - solid crust of earth Hydrosphere large bodies of water Atmosphere envelope of air surrounding earth upto the several hundred kms. 1C

  6. Components Of Environment Natural Component: Abiotic * Location, Topography (Bhoomi) Climate &Size & Shape of country Soil Temperature * Coastline(sea line) * mineral, ssuicinversely prope

  7. Biotic: & Natural Vegetation Animal Life Human Component: Social, Economnical cultural & political, etc