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Important topics Part 4
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This lesson covers the various important topics which one needs to cover for Economy.

Roman Saini is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Roman Saini
Part of a great founding team at Unacademy with Gaurav, Hemesh. Movies, Guitar, Books, Teaching.

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Thank you so much Sir, it is helping to understand in a precise manner. You have shown how to approach the paper, Strategy, Syllabus come explanation , note making, Important topics etc all in go. Thanks is a small word before your effort but in the end it is my turn to thank you. Hats off and Salute you Sir.! Forthcoming 3 to 4 decades is going to be a golden era for UPSC aspirants. And also thanking all the educators of Unacademy and other staff who is not part of this academy but doing the same service, thank you so much. You are all deserves much more Stage, Prestige, Focus , Health, Wealth and much more.!
Thank you very much sir..
Sir This course is missing 45 day strategy... Please add it to this.
  1. Important topics Presented by Roman Saini

  2. Important topics - 21 Asian Infrastructure and Development Bank Tax Structure in India Incident and impact of tax. Direct Tax Indirect Tax e o Methods of Taxation A Good Tax system Value Added Tax O GST

  3. Important topics - 22 CST(Reforms Service Tax Capital Gains Tax Commodities Transaction Tax e e O Security Transaction Tax e Capital Gains Tax Minimum Alternative Tax e Tax Expenditure 14th Finance Commission 14th Finance Commission recommendations

  4. Important topics - 23 O Public Finance in India Budget (Developmental and Non Developmental Expenditure, Plan and Non- plan Expenditure, Revenue Receipts, Tax Revenue Receipts,Non tax Revenue Receipts, Revenue Deficit, Effective Revenue Deficit, Capital Receipt and expenditure, Capital Deficit, Fiscal Deficit, Primary Deficit, Monetised Deficit) e o Deficit Financing e Fiscal Policy Fiscal Consolidation in India o Zero Based Budgeting e Charged Expenditure

  5. Important topics - 24 e stainability and Climate Change: India and The World Global Emissions SDGs e Paris Agreement Green finance Climate Finance o INDCs o India and Climate Change reparing for Demographic Dividen

  6. Important topics - 25 e e o Human Development in India Human Development Report Gender Issues Population Policy, Women and Child Sex Ratio e Poverty Estimate e Promoting Inclusive Growth e Demographics Socio Economic and Caste Census

  7. Important topics - 26 e Educational and Employment Scenario Skill Gap Impact Labour Reforms e o Child Labour o Health Scenario Social sector Expenditure