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Important questions set-5( in hindi)
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Some more important information about the himachal Pradesh state of India.

Ashish Thakur
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Thanku sir for this course.. Plss make some more videos related basic HP gk
Solan was formed in 1st sep 1972 earlier ir was in shimla.

  2. Which ruler built the Mandi town in 1527? a. Ishwar Sern b. Rup Sen c. Ajber Sen d. Lalit Sen

  3. Which of the following became the 5th district of Himachal in 1954? a. Mandi b. Sirmaur c. Solan d. Bilaspur

  4. What is the total area of Himachal Pradesh a. 55673 sq. km b. 55764 c. 55073 sq. km d. 55573

  5. What is the total population of Himachal Pradesh in 2011 Census a. 68,56,509 b. 67,56,509 c. 68,56,509 d. 64,56,509

  6. Sex Ratio per thousand males in HP is a. 904 b. 914 C. 974 d. 1004

  7. Literacy rate of Himachal Pradesh i:s a. 83.78% b. 82.11% c. 83.14% d. 78.90%

  8. Which is the highest peak of HP a. Shipki b. Kinner kailash c. Shillaa d. Geyphang

  9. When was the non-Congress government first formed in Himachal Prasesh? a. 1971 b. 1974 C. 1977 d. 1981

  10. The book "Himalayan Art" was written by a. M. S. Randhawa b. B. N. Goswamy c. W. G. Archer d. J. C. French

  11. Rumal" is a famous handicraft of the district of? a. Mandi b. Kullu c. Chamba d. Kangra

  12. The last village of the Spiti valley is? a. Hikkim b. Kaja c. Keylong d. Losar

  13. In Which year was Solan district formed a. 1952 b. 1962 C. 1972 d. 1982

  14. Who built the Tabo Monastery? a. Rinchen Jango b. Ye Sashoad c. S d. Lama Norbu arian Rinchain

  15. Who was the leader of the Gorkha forces of Nepal which attacked Himachal Pradesh a. Amar Singh Thapa b. Jang Bahadur Thapa c. Zoravar Singh Thapa d. Sher Singh Thapa

  16. Satudri is the ancient name of this river a. Beas b. Satluj c. Ravi d. Yamuna

  17. Ancient name of Ravi is a. Kalindi b. Parvati c. Iravati d. Asikani

  18. Parvati, Tirthan, Uhal, Pin are the tributaries of a. Satluj b. Beas c. Yamuna d. Chenab

  19. Pt. Padam Dev was the leader of which movement a. Mandi Agitation b. Dhami Movement c. Suket Satyagrah d. Jugga Movement