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Important Numericals on Prism and Dispersion
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In this Lesson i have discussed few very important numerical Questions. After going through this course you will be able to approach a numerical and by further practices you can solve numericals by your own. Follow me for more such lessons. Thank You.

Mushir Niyaz
>Physics For All >5 years+ of Teaching experience FOUNTAIN INTERNATIONAL COACHING (NEET /AIIMS /IIT-JEE)

Unacademy user
yes it is wrong careful... Total internal reflection happens when a ray goes from denser to rare medium ....please do not teach us wrong...and reply to Mr. Lucky singh comment too. i wrote it after double check
sir is the answer is C ?
Mushir Niyaz
7 months ago
No, C is the wrong answer
Mushir Niyaz
7 months ago
Solve again and try to first find R. I by using Snell's Law.
Mushir Niyaz
7 months ago
use Prism Equation.