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Important MCQs No. 51 to 60
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In this lesson, I have covered question no. 51-60 important MCQs.

Sahil Jain
Working as an SME at Accenture since Jan 2019. Completed MBA Finance from Sikkim Manipal University as distance learning course.

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mam I m an army person and I want to appear in ssc cgl. now my serving period is 14 year 6 month could I appear cgl 2018 . I m confused . could u help me please gide me I will be really thankful to you
Sujata Kumar
a year ago
if u r appearing for SSC CGL ur age should be 18 to 32. it's depend on ur post.
Ramniwas Malik
a year ago
ok thank u sujata
Sujata Kumar
a year ago
it's my pleasure
i think there is no age limit issue for ex-service men,.
sir where can i find paper 1 course
Sahil Jain
2 months ago
It's there in my profile only
really thax for mcq's cleared jaiib, all lessons gave a good review.
Sahil Jain
7 months ago
sir not getting the link of 1st 50 questions
Sahil Jain
a year ago
good video jp26
Sahil Jain
a year ago
please share the link of first 50 questions of PPB
Sahil Jain
a year ago
  1. Lesson-1 Certificate of Excellence IBF COMMITTED TO PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE IBF JAIIB-Paper 1- Principles & Practices of Banking Important MCQs-Part 2 -51-60 questions Presented By: Sahil Jain

  2. ABOUT ME I am Presently working in State Bank of India as a Customer Associate since March 2017. Prior to SBI, I was working in Accenture India Pvt. Ltd as an AccountsD Receivables am also pursuing MBA in Finance from Sikkim Manipal University as a distance education course. I completed my B.COM in 2014 from CCS University Meerut. Currently, I am preparing for Bank PO exams and other competitive exam like SSC CGL, Insurance exams etc.

  3. Q51. Which of the following is a product that is offered by banks in wholesale banking? a) b) c) d) Fund based services such a structured finance. Non-Fund based products such as LC. Value assed services such as cash management services. All of the above.

  4. Q52. The provision for making the payment of amount mentioned in words in a cheque is described under which section of NI Act? a) 16 b) 18 c) 20 d) 21

  5. Q53. Obligation of a banker to maintain secrecy is applicable to: a) b) c) d) Existing deposit accounts. Closed deposit accounts. Existing safe deposit accounts. All of the above.

  6. Q54. Section 45ZA to 45ZF relate to nomination in i) Deposit ii) Safe custody i) Locker accounts a) Only i) and ii) b) Only i) and iii) c) Only ii) and iii) d) i), ii) and iii)

  7. Q55. As per Basel 2 recommendations, the amount of general provisions and general loan loss reserves should not exceed: a) b) c) d) 55% of the Tier II 1.25% of risk weighted assets. 55% of risk weighted assets. 2% of capital fund.

  8. Q56. Global depository receipts are normally traded on: a) US Stock Exchanges b) European Stock exchanges c) International stock exchanges d) Indian stock exchanges

  9. Q57. For the purpose of a public issue, the term 'retail investor' means an investor, whose investment is not more than: a) Rs. 25,000 b) Rs. 50,000 c) Rs. 2 Lakhs d) Rs. 1 Lakhs

  10. Q58. As a cover for bank note issue, RBI keeps some minimum value of total approved assets in the form of: a) Cash and bank balances b) Gold coins, Bullion and foreign securities c) Cash, Gold coins and bank balances d) All of the above Note: RBI maintains total reserve of Rs. 200 cr. out of which gold reserve is Rs.115 cr.

  11. Q60. Within How many days particulars of charge should be filed with Registrar of companies from the date of creation of charge? a) 30 days b) 45 days c) 60 days d) 90 days