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Important HISTORY (Medieval Period )Questions: Part 5
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In this video I have given information regarding HISTORY ( MEDIEVAL INDIA) 20 MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS

Rahul Gupta
I am a teacher. I have done BSc,M.A., P.G.D.C.A., BED & DLED. I have QUALIFIED CTET BOTH PAPER 1 & 2 TWO TIMES.

Unacademy user
Sur what is the test if both sulphur and nitrogen are pelresent in solution
Naman Gupta
2 years ago
in case both S and N are present, sodium thiocyanate is formed which is Blood red in colour. Na+C+N+S ---> NaSCN Fe^+3. + SCN^-1 ---> [Fe(SCN)]^+2
Naman Gupta
2 years ago
and if I react sodium thiocyanate with excess Na it decomposes to give Cyanide and Sulphide. NaSCN + 2Na ---> NaCN + Na2S