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IIT JEE 1995-1986 : Matrix and Determinant Previous Year Questions with Solution (in Hindi)
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IIT JEE Previous Year Questions with Solutions

Shivam Gupta
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  1. 1IT'JEE 1981 Let pA4 +4 + r72 + s2+ t = | + 1-2 _ 4| be an identity in , where 2-3 4 3 p,q,r,s and t are constants. Then, the value of t is.. 1-3 1+4 32 Thus, the value of t is obtained by putting A 0 0-1 3 -3 4 0 1(-12) + 3(4)-t

  2. More than one correct Answer The determinant b b cl is equal to zero, then IIT JEE 1986 (a) a, b, c are in GP (b) a, b, c are in GP (c) a, b, c are in HP (d) (x a) is a factor of ax2 2bx c 0 Applying C3C3 (aC1 C2) 0 0 -(aa2 + 2be+ c)(ac-89 = 0 x- is a factor of ax2 + 2bx + c 0 or a, b, c are in GP.

  3. if (co # 1) is a cube root of unity, then 1995 -i -i+ -1-1 (a) o (b) 1 (c) i (d) a) Operating R1R12 + R3 =11-i -1 =0

  4. More than one correct Answer IIT JEE 2011 Let M and N be two 3 x 3 non-singular skew-symmetric matrices such that MN NM. If P denotes the transpose of P, then N2(MTN)-1 (MN-1) is equal to (a) M2 (d) MN Given, MT - And M N = N M 1T 2 M2N(1)(-M)-1(-N)-1 (-M)