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Idioms and Phrases: (in Hindi)
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Important idioms and phrases

Deependra Upadhyay
Reading novels, Listening to music and Hardworking

Unacademy user
Mam, I have a doubt. You told in the previous lesson that Doldrums are the region which receive daily rainfall and are situated in equators. Then how Evergreen forests are tropical and not Equitorial ? Because equitorial region receive daily rainfall.
Shruti Narayan
2 years ago
actually.. the evergreen forests are spread from one tropic in northern hemisphere to another in the southern hemisphere which includes the equatorial region too.. thus its called tropical evergreen forests. hope it helped
Dheeraj Anand
2 years ago
thanks helped
  1. Introduction Myself Deependra Upadhyay, I am here faculty for General Studies, Mathematics and English. I am interested in Playing cricket and listening to Music. Qualification - Graduate in Chemistry (hons) and P.G. Diploma in Forensic Science from Delhi University. Experience Two years teaching and Awesome experience of various examination.

  2. IDIOMS AND PHRASES unacademy

  3. IDIOMS AND PHRASES 1. Feel his pulse (to know someone's view) -I 2. Taken to task (to criticize someone for one's tried to feel her pulse on the issue mistake)- For his indiscipline, he will be taken to task by transport authority 3. Have something up your sleeve (have hidden sources of money) - You has something up your sleeve for difficult situation

  4. IDIOMS AND PHRASES 4. Ruled the rust( to be the most powerful member of the group or exercised authority) The S.P. of the city ruled the roost to every police mar. 5. Eat humble pie (convince with mistakes that made by particular one)- Initially he refused but finally he eat humble pie.