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Idiom Nation:Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Discussion on Above Board, Above the Bend, Ace in the Hole, Ace up the Sleeve and Acid Test

Sourabh agarwal
Govt. College Lecturer, JRF-NET (2003) English Teaching literature and grammar since 2001 to undergraduates , postgraduates, Net aspirants a

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thank u sir sir complete karana course
Sourabh agarwal
8 months ago
I will try my best dear
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  3. IDIOM NATION 01 Idioms meaning 02 Etymology of the idiom 03 Idioms explained from previous years papers 04 Simple examples to understand sst

  4. IDIOM NATION Above Board : honest, transparent dealing The expression, derives from card- playing, in which cheating is much more difficult if all the hands of cards are kept above the board or table. Ex: an above board dealing in any business is the first requirement in any business.

  5. IDIOM NATION under the table dishonest ways, use of cheating It refers to cards manipulated under the playing surface. Many qualified candidates were not selected due to under the table tactics of certain resourceful persons

  6. IDIOM NATION above one's bend. "beyond one's ability, limit, or capacity" The expression has its origins in a phrase Shakespeare used in Hamlet: "To the top of one's bent." it refers to the extent to which a bow may be bent or a spring wound up. To please all and please always is something which is above the bend of human beings.

  7. IDIOM NATION ace in the hole. any hidden advantage, something held in reserve until it is needed to win." A card hidden from the view of the other players is called a hole card. An ace is the highest hole card possible, often making a winning hand for the player holding it. Thus from this card game came the expression an ace in the hole.

  8. IDIOM NATION ace up one's sleeve Almost similar meaning is from the practice of concealing aces up the sleeves and slipping them into the hands in card games. The inclusion of the unorthodox spinner in the team proved to be an ace up the team's sleeve.

  9. IDIOM NATION ACID TEST. test of reliability and potential. This expression comes from the practice of determining the gold content of objects by scratching them and applying nitric acid. Since gold, resists acids that corrode other metals, the (nitric) acid test distinguished it from copper, iron, or similar substances. The upcoming election are going to be the acid test for the government as it will be a vote on their policies.