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Idealism (in Hindi)
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Western school of thought Idealism

Navneeta Tripathi is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Navneeta Tripathi
P.G in Edu,Eco& Bachelor in Education UGC-NET in Education. Research Scholar. Learner,writer,reader,singer,sports lover&so on

Unacademy user
Nice score Karmveer. Revise the concepts of remaining 30 questions righ away :-)
Please Note, by mistake, the options for Q2 & Q3 of 15th May were interchanged in the Answer Key. So, the Correct answer for 15th May: Q2. C and Q3. B. I am extremely sorry for creating this inconvenience to you.
Karmveer Yadav
2 years ago
thank you sir
hlo mam kya hum 2 subject se net ka form bhar skty h ek sath hindi and education.....
hlo mam kya hum 2 subject se net ka form bhar skty h ek sath hindi and education.....
hlo mam kya hum 2 subject se net ka form bhar skty h ek sath hindi and education.....
thanks mam , thank you so much .👌
Navneeta Tripathi
10 months ago
welcome 😊
  1. Western school of philosophy dealisnm By Navneeta Tripathi

  2. Western school of Philosophy Idealism Propounder - Plato Idea + Ism (thought) = philosophy of thought .Idealism gives more importance to the mind than to the body and considers the truth embodied in ideas only. .Idealism gives the prominent place to mind and considers the matter secondary

  3. Some characteristics of Idealism According to Idealism mind comes first. Mind is not lifeless. Mind has its independent existence. The world has been created with some purpose There is some aim behind the creation of man

  4. Forms of Idealism 1. Moralistic idealism- . Focus on thought Moral thoughts Given by Plato 2. Dualism idealism- .Given by Decarte Dualism idealism chidd achidd (self) (matter) 3. Doctrine of Substance- .Given by Spinoza God is eternal element

  5. 4. Pluralistic Idealism- .Given by Leibniz divided into three parts .easy-complex-more complex e g. Animals human being Mahatma Buddha 5. Subjective Idealism - .Given by Berkeley .Focus on concept made by human being Main element- SOUL" 6. Intellectual Idealism- .Given by Kant . Focus on intellect 7. Absolute Idealism- .Given by Hegel . Focus on Mind & intellect

  6. Basic principles of ldealism . God is the ruling authority of universe . Superiority of spiritual world . Relation between soul and God . Importance of man . Development of ideal personality Full faith in spiritual values Vision of unity in multiplicity

  7. Idealism in education . Idealism gives most importance to ideas and ideals. It considers the body secondary and gives priority to human personality. Develop the personality by filling the environment with ideas and ideals. . Environment, heredity, will power play an important role in the formation of personality. . If the will power is enlivened with pious ideas & ideals the personality will develop in the desired way & ignorance of man will be removed.

  8. Idealism and aims of education exaltation of personality and Self Realization . Development of Spiritual nature Attainment of Eternal values Enhancement of cultural heritage Development of Rationality in child Attainment of holy life

  9. Idealism and curriculum . Acc to Plato curriculum based on the eternal values i.e. "satyam shivam sundaram" Activities of Man Intellectual Aesthetic Moral (Religion , Metaphysics (Lang , Lit, h History geo , math , science) (Art & Poetry) ethics) . According to Herbart Activities of Man Moral activities (Humanitarian Subjects) Lit, History , Art, Poetry , Music (Science subjects) Geo , Science , Maths

  10. Idealism & Methods of Teaching Idealistic philosophers . Plato . Hegel Methods . Socrates Question-Answer Conversation Aristotle Inductive-Deductive Logic From simple to complex Instruction . Descrates Herbart Pestalozzi Froebel Training & Activities of senses Play-Way