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Hyperfine splitting constant and its dependence
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Extent of coupling Hyperfine splitting constant calculation and factor affecting it Calculation of electron density

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Sd Chemistry
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sir, lately I have been having negative thoughts.unable to concentrate and always feel an uncertain fear of future. I am a working professional .I work with Ministry and have limited work pressure.still I feel fear of failure.I do not want to leave job and I have started preparing since august 2016. I am regular with newspapers and consistent in my studies since august. but my speed is slow and now I am having panic attacks. Now a days my mind says "leave this "or" u r going to fail"
Shipra Mishra
3 years ago
Try telling your mind, "If you try, you MAY fail. If you don't, you SURELY WILL" See if that works! All the best.
lessons 6 is not uploaded sir.lessons 5 uploaded twice sir.
sir how to determine which one has more coupling value
And other parts of INORGANIC ESR ???
Sd Chemistry
a year ago
nearly 6 to 7 lession more it takes to complete
Sd Chemistry
a year ago
very soon
Rajan kumar
a year ago
thanks..I am waiting💥
Sir lacture is awesome 👌😎which is best book for ESR organic and inorganic compound???