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Hydrostatic Forces (in English)
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This lesson throws light on hydrostatic forces.

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  3. HYDROSTATIC FORCES Hydrostatic forces on fluid contact surfaces I. Introduction 2. Hydrostatic force, magnitude and its point of application (centre of pressure) 3. Hydrostatic force on horizontal plane, vertical plane surface, inclined plane surface, curved surface. 4. Moments of hydrostatic forces. Hydro-stolic frce (F,) When a fluid is in contact with any surface, Pressure is exerted (normal) which depends on specific weight of fluid and depth of fluid. The hydrostatic force is the product of normal pressure and the wetted surface area.

  4. QUESTION A tank with 4 equal vertical planes of width w and depth h is completely filled with liquid. If hydrostatic force of any vertical plane surface is equal to that force at the bottom, then ratio of H/w will be a) 2 b) /2 c) 1 d) 0.5

  5. SOLUTION 2Y 2. h2w

  6. SPILLWAY DAM CASE I Case i Spt H- D DAM Ressure nensi, at Bottom, Y D Hydrostolic Foce C) 0 Total Pressure. (n) SPILL WAy DAM Foce nomal ho harizontal Rloor

  7. CASE 2 8 Hydrostatic force on vertical plane surface of dam H-D : D 2. Tolal pressura forca 2. where h = di s ton ce Form e surface leve te tenheid of veical plane 3nface

  8. H* CALCULATION Monent of Hydro stotic % ces about Gee liquid surface Moment of Fo ce E, and FR about FH


  10. EXAMPLE H/3 2 Mcment of foxes abeut o 3 weed Suface Area 2. 6