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Human Eye - Introduction (in Hindi)
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Human eye - its parts ( Cornea, Iris, Retina, Ciliary Muscles, Pupil, Vitrous Humor etc )

Kritika Kapoor
B.Tech in ECE, ex content writer in grade up, ex employee of loyalty square (Maths Olympiad). I am here to gain and spread knowledge

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Ma'am jab light ray pass karta hai tab kon sa part eye ka thin ho jata hai
thanks mam for video it was very helpful for me
thanks for making the topic interesting
Thanks for this wonderful video...
Kritika Kapoor
a year ago
Kritika Kapoor
a year ago
do check my new course on Maths coming tomorrow
Tnx mam a lot understanding by animations

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  3. Content Human Eye

  4. Introduction It is the most valuable and sensitive sense organs. Ithelp us to see It is located in eye Diameter of eye ball is 2.3 cnm sockets in skull retina iris fovea pupil cornea lens optic nerve

  5. Important Parts of Human Eye The Cornea . The lris The Crystalline lens The Vitreous Humor The Retina

  6. anterior chamber aqueous humor cornea lens suspensory ligaments vitreous chamber vitreous humor sclera retina optic nerve choroid fovea

  7. CORNEA he Cornea You can assume it like a window to human eye. The cornea contribute to major refraction of lightentering in our eyes It also makes sure that foreign substances do not enter the eve.

  8. lens sclera he Iris retina choroid corne Vitreous chamber vitreous humor fovea This lies right behind the cornea. It controls the circular opening calledtcrior ham the pupil. It functions like an automatic camera shutter, controlling the amount of light entering a human eye. aqueous humor optie nerve suspensory ligaments

  9. he Crystalline Lens The lens further focuses the light rays entering our eyes. We can compare this to how an autofocus lens functions in a camera This is called the accommodating power of the eye. Depending on the position of object, the lens tries to focus that object.

  10. he Vitreous Humor This is a jelly like substance that fills most of the inner chamber of the eye It help the eye to maintain its spherical nature. IT helps the eye maintain its spherical nature.