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How to write an awesome essay: Sources
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This lesson covers all the important sources needed to write an awesome essay.

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Roman Saini
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Sir in last question in which we can put the value of x in that question if reminder is 0 then
Jagat Chaudhary
a year ago
Aman, let us take for any x=a or when we divide by x-a , if remainder is zero then x-a is a factor of f(x)
Aman prasad
a year ago
thank you
Aman prasad
a year ago
Aman prasad
a year ago
Sir I have a about to maths books
Aman prasad
a year ago
soory about not dout
Aman prasad
a year ago
I have NCERT , RD SHARMA and CENGAGE books so it is necessary that rd Sharma is must for iitjee or can I skip it and do only NCERT and CENGAGE BOOK
sir can you please suggest an app or link that can provife me the previous year question paper and yes essay
Can you please detail the books or refrences for essay writing?
Sir, I got to know about the tips to success that u have given on TEDx. I got inspired to think of the attempt for 2019. Now I started my preparation. Thank you so much for being the best motivational person.
where can I give mock test which will be helpful for my essay preparation. please reply sir.
sir, can i do that.....iwrite essay in hindi and give all other exams in english??
  1. How to write an awesome essay: Sources Roman Saini

  2. Preparation of Essay paper . Did not devote much of my time towards essay preparation . GS knowledge + reading habits + a decent command over English (any language you are choosing to write) Spend time to structure and draw outlines of certain essays which appeared in the last 3 years' papers. We all suffer from information overload and in an outright attempt to sway the examiner with our knowledge and intellectual prowess, we tend to disgorge everything we know even if it is only remotely linked to the asked theme. Not only deviate from the core theme of the essay, write a number of irrelevant things, waste our precious time but also end up frustrating the examiner.

  3. More than the content it is the structure, organization and closeness of the content to the asked theme that is important.

  4. Material needed Read The Hindu daily and bookmark important articles which are fodder worthy and have catchy phrases. Yojana is the ultimate source for writing the best essays . Selective reading of some Frontline articles (if not covered well or skipped reading The Hindu) . Essay module of Vajiram and Ravi