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How to write an awesome essay: Introduction
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This lesson covers the introduction part.

Roman Saini is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Roman Saini
Part of a great founding team at Unacademy with Gaurav, Hemesh. Movies, Guitar, Books, Teaching.

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Mam Muje aspect ratio Que mai doubt hai. Apne apni video par bataya tha k TV ki ratio. 4:3 and lcd ki 16:9.aur apne es Que mai TV ka puchya. So correct answer kya hai. Mam please reply
hi sir I am a new user to unacademy i don't know how to use it in a correct way and with in less time and also plz recommend me some exact books to read for civils thank you sir respond as soon as possible
Sagar Velumula
2 years ago
just go through syllabus then ratings nd reviews
Lakshmi Soujanya
2 years ago
NCERTs are a must for UPSC preparation.If time permits go through NCERTs of class-VI to XII of Geography & History.Otherwise atleast Class-XI & XII. For Polity, you can skip NCERT by reading "Indian Polity by M.Laxmikant".Watch courses on Basics of each subject to get a grip on basics.Hope this helps you Vamshi :)
this is the same background of your first video on Unacademy YouTube channel
hello sir I m planning to give Upsc cse in 2020 and I m pursuing my graduation(corrrespondence) 1st yr BA.program (eng,Hindi, history&political science) But I m confused to make an eye on optional should I change my graduation course to BA. political science hons. ??? please help me sir I m very confused.....
Hello Sir...I m preparing for UPSC 2018 and I m making notes from editorials of hindu . Is this type of notes making will b fruitful fr me in mains paper?r need not make notes from editorials??
Ekta yadav
2 years ago
U can underline or highlight the key words or line no need to make a notes from editorial just note down key words or important stuff which u feel tough to remember..
Aman Sharma
a year ago
u said u r making notes from the Hindu... n if it is so (if u r making notes from at least last 1year) then those notes are truly helpful n would be helping u a lot in mains.... ( u can make notes from the editorials but I would suggest u to do so only if u have not been making notes from at least one year !)
NEED HELP!!!!! with a Humble Request what is best resources for basics ncert or gist of ncert if ncert then from which class to which class and for particulars subject from which class to which class and GURU G plz make a video on standard books also regards:-Diwakar will be waiting for ur response thank you Roman sir You R the best
Lakshmi Soujanya
2 years ago
If time permits go through NCERTs of class-VI to XII of Geography & History.Otherwise atleast Class-XI & XII. For Polity, you can skip NCERT by reading "Indian Polity by M.Laxmikant".Hope this helps you Diwakar :)
  1. How to write an awesome essay: Introduction Roman Saini

  2. . DISCLAIMER: I got 145 marks in Essay. Depending on level of salt in samosa of examiner or whether he had a fight with a family member or friend and myriad other factors, I could have easily gotten 100 marks also . Anyone saying that they got good marks because they were literary genius and understand the subtleties, intricacies and nuances of the topic is pure BS . However, if you watch this lecture you will get above average marks for sure and you will add anywhere between 10-100 to your Essay score. . So just 4 piece of advice (personal):

  3. You will get enough time to write your essay (2500 words max in 3 hours compare with 4500 in GS). So, be extra cautious in choosing your topic (choose objective and scientific topic) as well as writing the first page . Never overwrite, no paragraphs, bullet points, diagram, flow chart, naming the subheadings and writing introduction, body, conclusion as title heads. Never quote (only if your are willing to trade your life with the fact hat you know the quote). Rather paraphrase Overt optimism with subtle pessimism, followed by constructive criticism and redressal mechanism

  4. What is an Essay Subjective assessment of one's personality, one's reasoning and one's line of thinking Art and Science . Highest Yield (Read for 2 weeks, you can get 130+)

  5. Expectation by examiner Essay is not just a disgorgement of information and facts nor is it a medium to express our attitudes and prejudices through half-baked opinion:s. . One purpose of an essay could be to test and assess the writing skills of the candidates. Yet equally and even more important purposes that an essay serves are to give an insight into: one's ability to respond critically and personally to a problem or issue . one's acumen to select and use information to support an argument and to present this argument in a structured and impressive way