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How to Use Technology for UPSC CSE Preparation - Content Websites, Test Series, E-notes, and more
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As this lesson moves on, one will know important websites from where aspirants can seek quality content for UPSC CSE and he also lists out some of his favorite and most useful websites for CSE preparation. He also suggests test series for CSE preparation which are available online for UPSC CSE. He guides how one can make E- notes using some effective softwares like Google Docs, Quip, Notes etc. He also recommends important apps and online magazines for UPSC CSE preparations.

Roman Saini is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Roman Saini
Part of a great founding team at Unacademy with Gaurav, Hemesh. Movies, Guitar, Books, Teaching.

Unacademy user
hello sir,thanks for your immense help,make top 2-5 useful things in every catageroy rather than making 10
Hello Roman Sir..majority of the students don't understand your lessons properly bcz most of lessons on Unacademy are in English. If u want to change the scenario of India's education system then u have to upload your video also in Hindi Language. Bcz majority of students have Hindi medium. So plz think and do something on my request. Thank You.
Gokul Kumar
3 years ago
What is your source for your claim that majority of the students give the exam in Hindi? I am sure majority give the exam in English. Only about 40% people in India speak Hindi so I think your claim is wrong. But yeah, videos in Hindi will definitely help those who are giving the exam in hindi.
Wow! mentioning Vision IAS, Mrunal, Insights in Unacademy video, this is what we call revolution in education. Your answers on Quora and Videos on Unacademy will remain in the pages of history. Despite reading your answer on Quora that your lifetime isn't enough to reply every message/ query that you get but still I hope this will reach you: Roman Sir , I'm not sure whether you read comments here but Please continue Genetics course in 'Unacademy Medical' it's very useful for aspirants with Anthropology as optional. So please make at least course on 'Genetics' part in Anthropology. It's where non-bio students face lot of difficulty while preparing, would love to see your lesson on Genetics soon. Thanks Rohith .
Grt video...Please sir continue with part 3...on how to read the Hindu online thg web and mobile in one hour or less.....
Sir plz make videos on how to use test series effectively.
  1. 9 Houw to Use Technology for How to Use Technoloqy tor UPSC CSE Preparation Part 2 Presented by Dr. Roman Saini

  2. 9 About me MBBS, AIIMS Cleared CSE-2013 o Co-founder Unacademy o Loves playing Guitar; Movie Buff o Course Fee: Contribute Follouw me on Unacademy RomanSaini

  3. A Piece of Advice VLCe 50-100% of the preparation can be done online. Avoid wasting time on internet (Most important point of this lesson) Keep your sources timited, thousand of content are available (try to become a 'collector' and not a 'notes collector). o Sometime use Quora to get answers to your questions. Many working IAS/IPS/IRS and other civil servants usrites there, so answers will be very authentic

  4. 9 4. Content Websites Daily secure initiative (good for mains Gs papers) Daily Quiz - Mind maps - Economics Hindi medium - Geography . Gktodayin - stT and daily current affairs - ST and daily current affairs

  5. Other Favourites-1 . ArthaPedia and InvestoPedia (Economics) o TheDiplomat (IR: Asia-Pacific region . Finance Ministry: For summary of Budget and Economic Survey . Finance Ministry For summary of Budget and Economic Survey e arc, (Reports by Administrative Reform Commission) YouTube (Subscribe to Unacademyy RSTV Crash course for world history, defence updates etc.) Quora orumlas

  6. Other Favourites 2 e . All the articles of an important news at one go (Cauvery Water dispute etc.,) . Read editorials online . Bookmark e . Be very-2 specific and read only what you came for Everything is available is there and very authentic content . For ex: Mistory of Cauvery wWater dispute

  7. Other Favourites 3 e (result, nobification, PYQs) . Finance ministry : Summary of budget and Economic survey Clearias Civilsdaily . VisionIas

  8. New Tab Roman D New Tab wiki Amendme wik the Parliament (Prevention of Disqualification) Act, 1959 Approved W Interstate River Water Disputes Act- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Kathakali, traditional dance form of Kerala, Aharya, Pacha, Kathi, Thadi, Min-W Kaveri River-wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Job Notification / Results, UPSC Civil Services (IAS) 2013 Notification :readwhere w western Ghats-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Stability-time profile of trichloroace [J Dermatol Surg 0ncol. 1989)-PubM-W Project Elephant-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia my interview 11.03.2013-Google Drive W Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : : Apps unacademy Daily Technology W Ministry of Environment and Forests (india) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia W The Emergency (India)- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia & My Drive Google Drive n National Urban Health Mission Formulated as a Sub-Mission under National H.... W History of the Republic of India- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia W Kaveri River water dispute- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia W Purchasing Managers Index - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia bills and laws PRS Parliament Track | Report Summaries | Justice Verma Committee Repor. W List of proposed states of India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia eGyankosh: History MM Mrunal D Swimming stroke-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Study-plan] Topicv ise "Plausible' booklist and study-plan for CSAT 2012 Ge-w Sevottam-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia W Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka-Wikipedia, the free. W Kachchatheevu Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia W Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act- Wikipedia, the f. 1 Jagran Josh-Education and Career Forum: List of Courses, school, colleges India [Tech] How to read The Hindu Online, Efficiently via Google Reader Mrunal Places to visit [Strategy] How to prepare Current Affairs from Newspapers in Less than one- Poker Tips [PIN] Persons in n News Ed Tech startups News 2012 for 2 Markers, GK and MCQ Mrunal 6 [Mise.GK) Persons in News (2012-13). Sports, Books. Awards for SSC-CGL, Roman Saini [Diplomacy] 11th Pravasi 8haratiya Divas 2013: Highlights, issues, awards w.. [Culture] Indian Art, Architecture and Painting Schools (Mindmap cum note) -- [Culturel Festivals of India: Characteristics (2 markers and Essay fodder) " Mrunal . W Purchasing Managers Index-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia W List of proposed states of India- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia W Interstate River Water Disputes Act- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia W Kaveri River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia a fFacebook

  9. Chrome File Edit View Histo e Hist the hindu G gas panel fixed formula not 2014 price Google Search TI Living in an extreme world- The Hindu TH Franchisee route not allowed in multi-brand retailing The Hindu TH 'We must explore option of NRI bonds The Hindu TH Why the death penalty must end The Hindu TIH Shale gas policy--a game changer or spoiler?-The Hindu TH Mars orbiter set for launch in October The Hindu TH CBI will be given functional autonomy, Centre tells SC The Hindu TH Leaving no stone unturned-The Hindu TH Better half but in bad shape The Hindu New Tab medical scienc the hindu D Training Division, Department of Personnel & Training D Press Information Bureau Apps unacademy Daily Technology PRS I Home Reserve Bank of India - India's Central Bank UNION BUDGET & ECONOMIC SURVEY The gender question-The Hindu New pattern of IAS Main Exam Introduced by UPS TH For those striking stripes The Hindu Civil Services Mains Examination Essay Writing Tips TH From Thane to T. Nagar, the issue is compliance The Hindu India prepares to establish navigation satellite system-The Hindu TH What went wrong with India's TB control The Hindu TH Justice cannot follow a tough act The Hindu Mrunal U constitution of India/Part IV Wikisource, the free online library Dangers of chilling on climate change-The Hindu TH Wasted food for thought The Hindu TH Scientific innovations-India has a long way to go The Hindu D In defence of rupee, RBI leaves key rates unchanged The Hindu TH Pulling manufacturing out of the rut The Hindu TH Significant progress in bringing down under-5 mortality The Hindu TH Looking beyond the headlines The Hindu G rural areas record steep reduction in poverty rate - Google Search SC directed Government to notify Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal Award Dangers of chilling on climate the PRS Blog Special Category status and centre-state finances D New Tab wiki nAmendments in the Parliament (Prevention of Disqualification) Act, 1959 Approved Kathakali, traditional dance form of Kerala, Aharya, Pacha, Kathi, Thadi, MinL Job Notification / Results, UPSC Civil Services (IAS) 2013 Notification :readwhere Stability-time profile of trichloroace [J Dermatol Surg OncoL 19891-Publ. my interview 11.03.2013-Google Drive My Drive-Google Drive National Urban Health Mission Formulated as a Sub-Mission under National 199)- Puahng- The Hindu TH Crime, caste and judicial restraint-The Hindu wanted, an indian Frankfurter . The Hindu Learning to live in a new Asia-The Hindu TH The costly tyranny of secrecy The Hindu TH It has sent a strong message to criminals in politics, says EC The Hindu TH Mangalyaan: a steal at Re.4 per person The Hindu bills and laws PRS | Parliament Track | Report Summaries I Justice Verma Committee Repor Small States, big problems The Hindu

  10. S. Test Series . VisionIAS test series Many tests are subiect wise, This will help you in initial stage of reparation to quickly identity your weak area. Insight's test series - Extensively cover the current issues, Stress on the old papers of CAPF, CDS etc as well IASBaba test series - 60 day challenge just before the prelims. . - 6o day challenge just before the prelims - Subject wise compilation of test questions after 60 days.

  11. o DoorDarshan Newss app o All India Radio app o Public information Bureau app o Maps and world atlas apps o Various dictionaries