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How Does the Magnetic Effects the Motion of a Charged Particle (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we learn about the magnetic field produced due to a moving charge and then the field offers magnetic force on other moving charge particles. Magnitude of this force and its direction has been discussed in detail. Theoretical concept for understanding.

Subhasish Das
JEE/NEET PHYSICS Faculty for last 18 yrs. You Tuber, Conducting Classroom Coaching in Kolkata for the students of Class 9 to 12 + IIT JEE/NE

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sin theta can also be zero if magnitude of magnetic force Fm is zero.
  1. Maanetic Epleet at Curut A magnetic field is establisheol by a peramanent magnet, by oun electrie cumrent er oy otther moving charges This magnetic field,in tuum, ere ts forces sthed.m oving charges and current carrying Magmetic Force on a Movng Charge ( of eha ge moves uit, velo ut in a magnatie feld , than the mevina charae si if a partice

  2. nutic force F This magnetic rce is perpendiculas to both veloity vector V ama mag metic field , its magnitaide can be obtained -angle laeta, een v and B is zero co

  3. C-m 4- then magnetic-force is in a dire Henn opposite to Direction Fm g s negative ^Thumb Fleming's leit hand ul : Accereling to thi rule, the forefinger, the m them, b f the lelt land are stretched in such a day aurd the Forefinge inger

  4. that they ore mutially perpendieudas to each ofher.T the middle tinger (central) shou the directio of velscity of portive change (..) ond frepinger shows the direct st magnotie field (E),then the thumb wil give the terestiom of magntie force (F). In ease of negative charge partiele is in opposite dire Right hand rule :-If you curl your righe-hand fingers on a pla u tom velotu veehw 40 magnetic tield vector through the smaller angle behoeen them

  5. 'm on a positive charge is the directm incohich a nght homd thread screso woudd advance if turned the same way the maanetie Porea and veleoily of the charged particle are pexpendieular to eachh other,henes the magnetice fer can chuge the direotion enly it ceuu nat change the speed the partide e foree com e