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History and Evolution Of United Nations Security Council (for UPSC CSE)
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This lesson focuses upon History and evolution of UNSC. This lesson discusses how UNSC evolved and what were the circumstances which led to its evolution.

Dr Amit Gupta
MBBS (MMC, Muzaffarnagar). Authored a book. Loves to help others in understanding strategic issues.

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@ prasad... China was a founding member of UNSC. Its name changed with time from Republic of China to People's Republic of China. From 1945 to 1949 member was mainland China ruled by nationalist party and it was known as Republic of China( mainland ). After communist came to power in 1949, nationalist party changed their base from mainland to Taiwan and seat of Security council was transfered to Republic of China ( mainland China + Taiwan ). After 1971, seat of UNSC was tranfered to People's Republic of China ( only mainland China ), which is also present member of Security council.
@Dr. Amit Gupta,Sir please explain me the difference between Trusteeship System and Mandate System.
Dr Amit Gupta
4 years ago
Hi Deeparnab, Mandate system was one of the functions of LEAGUE OF NATIONS. It was formed for the purpose of managing former GERMAN or TURKISH COLONIES ( OTTOMAN EMPIRE ) post WW-I. Whereas TRUSTEESHIP COUNCIL, one of the principal organs of UN, was set up to manage the colonies of defeated countries of war. There was a common consensus that these colonies should not be annexed by victorious powers and it would be the function of council to help governments of trust territories to lead to self-government or independence. Palau was the last trust territory of UN, which became independent in 1994.
Just one doubt regarding China as founder member of UNSC.i thought they were not original members of UNSC. Can you please solve this doubt
Sir if it will be possible so please provide a language option of Hindi will be best for up board students.thanks for this lecture
From where we can access other videos of international relations prepared by Dr amit gupta?
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