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Higher Education MCQ Part 4 - CBSE UGC NET(in Hindi)
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This lesson describes the MCQ of higher education.

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sir in q.2- all options are wrong, ugc hv 6 regional offices
sir higher education theory plz
sir HE pr notes chahiye pdf
sir question 11 ka optn b kaise correct hai??? its wrong pls review this
a year ago
  1. CBSE UGC NET Paper -1

  2. About Me Sandeep . M.Tech (IT) from IIIT . CSIR (Engineering Science) as JRF CBSE UGC NET (JRF)-Computer Science & its Application Worked as Software Engineer & Research Scientist

  3. Higher Education

  4. MCQ 04

  5. Question 01 The aim of value education to inculcate in students is a. The moral values b. The social values c. The political values d. The economic value:s

  6. Question 02 Indicate the number of Regional Offices of University Grants Commission of India. a. 10 b. 7 c. 8 d. 9

  7. Question 03 .The first Open University in India was set up in the State of a. Andhra Pradesh b. Delhi c. Himachal Pradesh d. Tamil Nadu

  8. Question 04 . Most of the Universities in India are funded by a. The Central Government b. The State Governments c. The University Grants Commission d. Private bodies and Individuals

  9. Question 05 Which of the following organizations looks after the quality of Technical and Management education in India? a. NCTE b. MCI c. AICTE d. CSIR

  10. Question 06 . India's first Defence University is in the State of a. Haryana b. Andhra Pradesh c. Uttar Pradesh d. Punjab

  11. Question 08 .The accreditation process by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) differs from that of National Board of Accreditation (NBA) in terms of a. Disciplines covered by both being the same, there is duplication of efforts b. One has institutional grading approach and the other has programme grading approach c. Once get accredited by NBA or NAAC, the institution is free from renewal of grading, which is not a progressive decision d. This accreditation amounts to approval of minimum standards in the quality of education in the institution concerned

  12. Question 10 . Which statement is not correct about the "National Education Day" of India? a. It is celebrated on 5th September every year b. It is celebrated on 11th November every year c. It is celebrated in the memory of India's first Union Minister of Education, Dr. Abul Kalam Azad d. It is being celebrated since 2008